Johnny Lycan & The Anubis Disk by Wayne Turmel

For Wayne Turmel’s foray in this new genre he hits it out of the park with a five start read!

Johnny Lycan is a born werewolf, nobody knows his secret except his best friend, Bill. (But that secret was about to go out the window.) It starts with his rescuing the head bookie of Chicago’s daughter, the new Russian Mafia in town had kidnapped her and tried getting a ransom from her dad. Johnny used to do strong arm work for him, so Mr. O’Rourke had called on his former employee to get his daughter back. It was the full moon, so yeah Shaggy (as Johnny calls his other half) was there to help. But that means two people saw him.

Now he has come to the attention of a very rich eccentric old man, Mr. Cromwell. And he collects all kinds of very old very expressive occult items, and he has decided that Johnny is the man he needs to collect these things for him. With a retainer he could only dream of, plus extra if here is more than one retrieval a month, Johnny is not sure what he is going to do.

This is a must read, action, adventure, old grumpy people, young grumpy people, laughter, and a few tense moments, this book has it all. You will not be disappointed. 

Kiss me, Lady, One More Time

The newest book by Deb Marlowe in her A Series of Unconventional Courtships. and I totally enjoyed it! Danger, hard headed men, determined women, London (not at full Season) and wonderful friends making their own families.

We met Barrett Sterne and Penelope Munroe in the previous books, and this time, Penelope is determined to get her man. But, of course, Sterne has something to say about it, mainly…. no. Not right now, I can’t provide… I have to find this fossil that got stolen while I was on watch.

You must follow these two on their adventure that takes to London and the intriguing underbelly of the fossil collecting word of the 1817s. (Not really that bad because there weren’t that many people interested in the sciences at the time.) A fast paced, daring story with places to make you gasp (with passion and fear) and giggle with delight at in antics our characters get up too.

Pick up this five start read and follow these characters that have fast become our friends, and giggle as Hestia Wright and the beneficiaries of the Half Moon House show up to help them work through this.

Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

They might have bonded at first meeting but it was almost 48 hours before they got to enjoy skin privileges … almost half the book later!

Alpha Selenka Dever, of the Moscow BlackEdge Wolf pack and Arrow Ethan Night met at a symposium for Empaths to meet and get to know each other. They had just met when her wolf  lunged for him inside her. The wolf knew this was her mate but she had never met him before, she did not know him. Meeting someone, bonding with them at first sight only happened in the soap operas, not real life. But it happened with them, her wolf knew he needed her.

Ethan’s original reason to be there were being challenged and changed, as he was being changed, after he had saved Selenka’s life, she in turn saved his. This action ripped away the gray fog he had lived with since he was 8 years old separating him from the world and plunging him into vivid color and raging emotions. No one had ever thought of Ethan first and tried to save him, his life was hers. She owned him heart body and soul and there was nothing he not do for her.

Selenka had left the den that morning not looking for a mate she was there to protect the Empaths (Empaths they were like a pup, they had no sense of self-preservation) they definitely had to be taken care of, thank goodness the arrows had taken that job. But then she met Ethan Night – Arrow, broken, gorgeous and he fit her. Inside her he filled that empty spot. They’re bonding might not have happened normally, traditionally, but it happened and she trusted her wolf inside. Now she had to find a way to save Ethan, because Ethan was now hers and she was not giving him up. She was an alpha wolf and always did things her way, and she quite possessive of her Arrow.

Lots of things happen in this book but the main thing was the Love Story between these two how she fought for him and how he learned to fight for himself. Then he learned the what was fighting to get it out of him wasn’t trying to kill him, it was the most wonderous gift. And she walk that dark path with him, she would not leave him in the dark alone. Never again would he be alone in the dark.

This is a great addition to the Psy/Changeling series. It’s action, adventure romance, the continuation of the breaking of the Psy net it has everything and it is five stars. You have to pick this book up and read it.

Wish Upon a wWitch a Good Witch Mystery by Lucy May

This was a wonderful sweet romantic mystery. I loved it I’ll be reading more of this author she has a whole back list for this series.

Juliet Good is of the Good witch Clan she is funny young vivacious and controls electricity. She’s in Boston at school but decided now that she’s graduated to come back to Charm Cove to her family. First night there she makes a wish at the local fountain and runs into the very thing she wished for.

Devon Wick has come home to Charm Grove and is looking to settle into his grandparents old house. He slids on a patch of ice and hits the curb. He gets out to check his tire. He’s standing there when he sees Juliet and they start talking in the cold Main snowfall.

The local Balsam tree, centurie old, catches fire. Now they have to find out who set the fire and who’s trying to attack Juliet and why. Amid all this the streets aren’t getting taken care of and it’s winter in Maine.

For a light romance, sweet as can be – and fun fun Witchery- pick up Wish Upon a Witch by Lucy May five stars you will not regret it.

Nothing But a Rakehell by Deb Marlow

Lord Keswick goes to the country estate of his friend early, abandoning London and all it’s pleasures because of a persistent debutante who is trying to trap him into marriage. Once on his friend’s land, Tenford, he ended up stuck in a mucky swamp. Lady Glory Brightly happened along on her ride, and saved him, and his boots, with the help of her well trained horse, Poppy. It was the start of an unusual friendship.

As people start to arrive from London later that week, and the houseparty starts to gain momentum several ladies try for Keswick, who is at odds with his father and has vowed never to marry while he is alive. Glory was in a horrible accident when a child and has a painful limp when walking. Most people comment on it, tease her about it, or other wise make her feel inferior because of it. But Keswick sees the intelligent, funny, beautiful woman behind the limp and sets out to help build her self confidence.

The debutante ferrets out where Keswick is and claims a family close by, showing up at the houseparty, bringing his father along a day later. Keswick finally tells Glory all his painful secrets so that she understands why he must distance himself from her while his father is near. Glory agrees but also sets other plans in motion to rid him of his father and this young miss.

I loved this book. The passion built beautifully between the our hero and heroine, their friendship was first and slowly deeper feelings layered itself over that. The snarkiness and viciousness of the some of the other ladies made you laugh as they each easily over come usually by their own folly. The turn around in one character that started out vying for Viscount Keswick, to being the first to congratulate them when they come together made tears come to my eyes.

This is must buy and add to your library if you like regencies at all. Come to Greyhouse and enjoy the houseparty of the Season.


Hand on short wall, waiting for balance to settle to stand.

What? The wall is moving? No, my nerves and balance are acting up. I’ll just wait.

My Pepsi is moving in my glass? I’m not touching the table. Others are looking around now too.

“Earthquake,” a comment from the side of the room.

I sat still, waiting for it end, took forever! Finally all was still again.

Hand on wall, not moving, I manage to stand this time.

Holding the Dream!

Hi! I am holding the first print book of Sean and the Mustang in hand! Having an ebook out there and selling is one thing. But having the print copy, in my hand… holding something I created? that is a totally different feeling. One I am so excited about.

My manicurist bought one off me, and I signed it for her…. Nothing like that feeling in the world, signing your first book. Sivers and shakes. LOL

Here is the link to Amazon, the book is $7, and just right for smaller hands. Thank you all for your support.

Print copy out tomorrow!

I can’t believe it almost March 1st.

Why you ask? Because March 1st, tomorrow is the official release date for the Print copy of Sean and the Mustang: Garden Door Series #1.

I got my advance copy last night.

Here it is. I’m ecstatic. Hope you can pick up a copy. $7.


Atlantis Awaking (Warriors or Poseidon #2) by Alyssa Day

King’s Vengeance, what a name to be stuck with just because you are second born. Not a title, with a name to go with it, like Sean, or Decan, or John… no King’s Vengeance. Aname you share with your uncle while he still lives, and since Atlanteans lives almost immortal I’m thinking it could get very confusing at family dinners. So, Conlan’s brother goes by Ven. He is the Kings’s sword, fighting for Atlantis, and Humanity. Fighting, not being diplomatic, that is brother’s, the High Prince’s job. He lead’s the Seven, those warriors closest to the prince.

Erin is a witch, a witch with Wilding magic, and thirst for vengeance for those that killed her family. How fitting they end up together looking a Ruby that can save the soon to be Queen and her baby. With that Wilding Magic came the gift of Stone Singing, and while Erin can pull on the stones on Atlantis, they are not enough to save them, but the Goddess of the Nereids that takes up residence in her soul knows where to find it – the lair of the most powerful vampire on the west coast.

Can they keep their passions at bay as they look for the Nereid Ruby? Can Ven live with a woman that is two woman? Can Erin get control of her Wilding Magic long enough to learn how to sing for ruby? and then how to use it? Come a swim with the Warriors of Poseidon, the water is fine and they will save you if it isn’t.

Another delightful five star read.

Atlantis Awakening (Warriors of Poseidon, Book 2) by [Day, Alyssa]

Atlantis Awaking: Poseidon’s Warriors #1 by Alyssa Day

Conlan, High prince of Atlantis, comes home after seven years of being held prisoner by the Goddess of the Vampires. The water portal, a being of its own magic, answered his call and dumped him – literally – home in front of a known guard.

Riley Dawson is a human, a social worker, an empath, she knows vampires and shifters exist, they announced themselves about ten years ago, now are taking over the human governments – getting their own House in the American Congress. She’s had a very bad day, so the beach calls her for a walk. Trouble finds her again, but this time their is a six foot plus warrior to save her. Their minds connect, maybe even their souls, and she sees only beauty and pain.

This is the start of the love of these two, a young human empath that is to take on the very God of the Seas and Oceans, to become queen. Is she strong enough to withstand the shifters and vampires that line up between her and her happy ending? When they take down her protective Warriors, and she goes against their God to get them back, can she survive the anger of the most powerful Greek Gods? A family secret, her twin sister’s life in danger, will this prevent her from going below the ocean?

A beautifully woven woven tale that take you to this new world Ms. Day has created. Immerse yourself in the waters of the Warriors of Poseidon, you will never want to leave this five star world.

Atlantis Rising (Warriors of Poseidon, Book 1) by [Day, Alyssa]

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