Review of Pursiut by Jason Garrett

Pursuit: A Tale of Bishop’s Island by Jason Garrett
4 ****
In the opening of this book, Aryn Rayburn is out running, as an ex-Olympic athlete running is her favorite thing to do. She is unobserved, out alone, thinking about her husband, God and how to fix her marriage. When she starts home she picks up the pace, and when she hits the house she makes preparations for an attack that she knows is coming, for she knew she was being observed by Sutter and Yost in the truck following her. She places a painting over her wedding pictures and the wedding pictures of her grandparents. She uses lipstick she finds in the bathroom while she is changing to write a messaged in glyphs to whoever comes looking for her on the bathroom mirror while she is quickly changing out of her sweaty running clothes. After a brief but violent scuffle at the house she gets away, taking her sports bike with no shoes.
When she arrives in town, intending to call Ryan, her husband, and tell him what was going on, she gets caught by Halle Bouras, the third member of the group. Sutter and Yost help her get Aryn’s bike and Aryn tied up and in the van. Sutter is impressed with her fighting spirit, Yost just thinks it will make her more fun to hunt down and break. Halle reminds Yost that he can’t hurt her; they need her in presentable shape. Makeing you think they are taking her to client or something similar.
They take her to their boss and his brother, not clients at all, but the younger of the brother’s, Connor Vilkova, fashions himself a gentleman and wants her unharmed. He wants her for her knowledge of the island and its history. He is trying to find lost treasure left by the founder of the island, Nathaniel Bishop.
I give this book four stars for the attention to the little in depth details going through the story line and the series Mr. Garrett has created. It is that attention to the details and history that create some problems in the book. In the history of the island that dragged the story line sometimes; it did not always propel the story forward. The personal history of Aryn got confusing, was there one accident that stopped her Olympic career and another after her husband had their large argument, or was it the same accident that almost took her ability to walk? The way Mr. Garrett talks about the accidents almost seems like their two separate events, and sometimes like they are one. I was completely confused in that aspect of the story. Ryan’s personal history was better laid out I think, except in relations to the accidents. The one time at the McMannis Memorial Prayer Garden that Ryan railed against God and told his best friend the tragedy of his parents death when the Hollis Bridge collapsed and he had to change his name was a very concise scene and also one of most emotion filled scenes in the book. I really felt the waves of agony and hatred coming off him, unlike the rest of the book which seemed a overly aggressive in painting Aryn’s faith and belief that God would get her through this abduction like he had gotten her through her accidents, seemed more words than feelings coming off the page.
A book with a very good story line, kept me guessing as to what the Vilkovas were truly after and how Aryn was keeping them away from it once she figured it out. Also how she was going to keep Connor from raping her as his patience thinned and his desire broke through his gentlemanly veneer. How Ryan was going to follow her clues and find her before anything worse happened also kept me reading this book. While part of a series it really didn’t seem to lean too much on previous books, but at the same time I wonder if some of the plot would have been a little clearer if I had the earlier books in the series.


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