The Dragon’s time was almost up

Anne McCaffrey never disappointed, and her son Todd is learning the rhthym of Pern. This book follows Lora a as she moves through time to try to save Pern n and its drogon’s from the effects of the plague. Now that the plague has been eradicated and all the beings of Pern are safe from the illness, a way must be found to bring the number of dragons back up to full fighting strength for they down to less than a full weyer between all the weyers of the planet.
So Lorana goes forward in time to bring back dragons to help in the past. That doesn’t work, so she back only to meet a seer from the traders, then she starts her search for a place to take the young and injured back to grow and heal.
The story itself was good, the jumping time is getting a little old. When Ms. McCaffrey used it in Dragon Flight it was new and exciting, then it was forbidden because you could lose yourself if not careful. This generation bounces around time lines so much it is no wonder that they aren’t permently muddledvand fuzzy head. I give Todd points for keeping the story line cohesive enough that you always know ‘when you are. I just hope that it doesn’t become a story line crutch for future book.
Good read if you like Pern and want to keep up with old friends in the characters.


About lyssareviews

I am a single, pagan female who loves the written word. I am doing reviews on books to feed my reading habit. I will post those reviews here. I also love movies, TV shows, and laughing with my friends. I love to cochet, and am starting to spin my own yarn. Boy, do I think there very fun stories in that! So they might show up here. Also I have two cats and a small dog. Valkyrie, Miss Dottie and Sir Luck the Pup.... their stories may also sneak in here from time to time, to stay tuned.

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