Hearts and Swords: Four original stories of Celta

Wow! 4 new stories of Celta crafted very wonderfully by Ms. Robin D. Owens. We finally get to meet our first settlers and find out what went on inside Nadia’s Sword before landing in Heart and Sword. Fern must remind her husband, Kelse, that she too was a warrior for the psi resistence and reforge their bond, the first Heart Mates. In Heart Story, Blush Willow finally meets her Heart mate, Dri Paris who her mother, the then foremost matchmaker on Celta, had warned away from her or she would destroy his family. Now they are both older, Blush’s son has grown into his title and her mother is dead, Dri has grown into the best demolition expert on the planet and both hold old hurts that they have to work through and forgive, both themselves and each other. In Heart and Soul, Genistia Furze, former wife of Tinne Holly has made a new life for herself in Gael City after her divorce from Tinne. Cardus Pyrrus has been hired by the Holly’s to keep her safe, for though she cut all ties they still worry over her. As he has lived next door to this exceptional woman and watched her grow as person and build a new life for herself, he has fallen in love with her. Now she finds out that he was hired by her ex family and he must convince her of his love, for though neither of them had heartmates, there was no reason they couldn’t love a long loving life together. Walker Clover, oldest son of Nath and Fen Clover, comes home from a day of teaching at the Ash residence and falls very Ill. For a week he is in bed fighting a raging fever and an unexpected Passage of Flair. Now he must get used to the idea that his family is a Nobel Family now and that he is Head of House. Pink, is uncle and patriarch of the family is over joyed at this development but still trying to control all parts of family. Walker must learn all things Nobel, figure out Alliences, and work through his flair. During this he meets Sedwy Grove, she guides through the intercies of being a Noble, he falls hard for her and has fight his family for the right to keep her to himself. They form a heartbond, though they didn’t meet in their Passages, their golden bond was their for both to grab, a truly Nobel Heart.
I adored every passage of this book. Each finely crafted tale told of history and caught up with some old friends and delivered another old favorite clan into a position they deserved. Excellently written stories


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I am a single, pagan female who loves the written word. I am doing reviews on books to feed my reading habit. I will post those reviews here. I also love movies, TV shows, and laughing with my friends. I love to cochet, and am starting to spin my own yarn. Boy, do I think there very fun stories in that! So they might show up here. Also I have two cats and a small dog. Valkyrie, Miss Dottie and Sir Luck the Pup.... their stories may also sneak in here from time to time, to stay tuned.

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