11/22/63 by Stephan King – as gripping as any of his horror novels

11-22-63 By Stephan King A delightful book with a strong main character that Mr. King is known to write. There is a spot in an old dinner in Lisbon, Main – Al’s Dinner, that when you go through it, it takes you back to September 9, 1958 at 11:58a. Same time, same place each time you entered it. No matter how long you were gone, you were only gone two minutes in 2011. Al Templeton showed it to Jack Epping, English teach at the local high school and a valued customer. Al was dying of lung cancer and couldn’t finish the task he had set himself. After years of using the portal to buy low cost meat for his dinner, and taking vacations – because he was only gone two minutes in Lisbon of now, he would take two weeks or a month’s worth of time off in 1958 – he got the idea of changing history, now he wanted Jack to complete the task for him. Live in the past, from September 9 th , 1958 to November 22 nd , 1963 and stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Jack went back for a little over a month to do his own experiment, stopping a man in Derry, Main from killing his wife, two of his sons, his daughter and injuring his youngest son with permanent brain damage and a limp. Being the fall after the deaths caused by Pennywise the Clown, there was still an air of mistrust and evil around the town, and the evil was centered at the Kitchener Ironworks, which he was sent to inspect as part of his cover of a real estate broker. He knew of this homicide because one of his adult education students was the surviving son, his essay of The Day that Changed My Life had made Jack cry as he read of the horror of that Halloween Night as Frank Dunning took drunken revenge on the wife that had kicked him out of her house for beating her and the children. He was a little late, and Frank killed his wife Doris and injured his oldest son. When he got back to 2011, he took Al home and when back to his house and slept 14 hours. When he got up he researched the son he had saved, he found that he had died in Vietnam because he had a guardian angel and took more chances that he would have without seeing Jack there that night and having him say to him “I am your angel, I won’t let any harm come to you.” Jack went to tell Al that the experiment was a failure, to find that Al had died in the night, leaving him a note that he had to finish the task. So, Jack went back, and killed Frank Dunning two weeks before that fateful night and then went on to save a young girl from getting shot and paralyzed (Al big experimental task) and then went on to find a time to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and find the proof needed that he was the only one in on the conspiracy. This book as we moved into Lee Harvey Oswald life was so full of various historical facts about all the players of that fateful day in American history, that I was sent looking up players and facts to make sure they had really accrued and to find out more about them. Mr. King followed Mr. Oswald’s life pretty accurately from the time he got to Dallas. The delight to this reviewer in this creation of Mr. King’s was the fact that the history was so vividly written, and the facts woven into a story so gripping that you couldn’t put it down until your eyes refused to stay open and see the page any longer. A world of shifting time lines, fact and fictional characters woven into a beautiful piece of work that you want to enjoy more than once. Mr. King wove through this story a beautiful romance that broke your heart, not once, but twice as the lines shifted and moved again. This story is a definite read for anyone who loves Mr. King’s works, not horror, but delightful story with mystical paranormal elements that will keep you guessing to its outcome. A compelling read for anyone that loves history, and is interested in the players surrounding the JFK assassination. I give this book a five star rating for the thoughts and reasoning behind one man’s task at saving the world. As Mr. King put in his explanation, this is one possible outcome and theory or what might have happened that day, and if that day had never happened.


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