Love Means … Family by Andrew Grey

Love Means … Family

(Love Means #7)

Andrew Grey

In this installment of Mr. Grey’s Love Means series, he takes back to Mississippi, to the home of Robert Edward Hawkins, Arie; a home in mourning, a home clinging to the last remaining child and their old southern legacy of almost two hundred years.
Charlotte, Arie’s older sister, her husband and two small children died in plane crash and the whole household seemed to go into hold waiting for the bodies to be found, when they weren’t his parents couldn’t seem to move on. His mother especially, she started drinking heavily and didn’t want to let him go anyplace out of her site almost compulsively. The last straw for Arie was when they told him that he needed to get married and have kids. The family line needed an heir with his sister’s kids gone it fell to him. Arie called Robbie his best friend, who now lived in Michigan on the Laughton farm with his partner Joey and arranged to come up for a couple weeks to help him start to move on.
Once there, he met Deputy Sherriff Duane Keenan, Office Hunky as he began to think of him. They begin to fall in love, everyone cautions them, reminding them how hard it was for Joey and Robbie when they first got together; also reminding Arie that he was just there for a visit. His mother was getting worse and worse about calling and demanding that he come back home, someone kept shooting at him, which sent Officer Hunky into protection mode, and Geoff and Eli’s son, Jakey, wormed his way deep into Arie’s heart.
This book warps you back up in the feeling of family and unconditional love and support that you always get at the Laughton farm, that feeling that keeps me buying these books by Mr. Grey since my first one Love Means … No Shame. It is place that I felt safe at, and have gone back to many times, eagerly buying and reading the new ones, and rereading the old ones when I need a warm hug. It is another hit for Mr. Grey. The sentence that sent the warmth spiraling through me as it and said, ‘Yes, you are with family,’ was Arie’s first night there, after dinner, Jakey and Arie were playing blocks and it was time for Jakey’s bath. “Geoff blew Raspberries on Jakey’s tummy, to Jakey’s giggly delight, as he carried him upstairs.” I do think that Mr. Grey created a new phrase, giggly delight, and I loved it, the sound of the child’s merriment came off the page with in stereo. You must pick up this book if you like M’r. Grey’s work, you should pick up this book if you like a well written, feel good romance that involves family of both the blooded kind and the ones we make ourselves. Five solid stars for this book.


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