Over Reborn: BDB bk 10 by J. R Ward

Lover Reborn: Black Dagger Brotherhood Bk 10 J. R. Ward

This is Tohrment’s book, his coming back after losing Wellesandra. This is about Tohr moving on and learning some very hard truths about himself along the way. No’One is also has to learn to accept herself, as she was and as she is, like Wellesandra, she is caught in the In Between and must grow from the young girl that was kidnapped, raped and killed herself. The In Between is of our own making and we must all realize when we are stuck there and make waves to ride them out.

First let me say that it was delightful to be back in Caldwell, MA with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, I had been missing the mansion and the Brothers and their mates. The whole cast was there and playing their roles to the fullest and yes, they are all still learning something new with every book. John Matthew learned that just because he was mated and thought he could handle Xhex out fighting, because yes she is a skilled fighter, no his bonded male rebelled at the first sight of her getting hurt. Quinn learned that he had a selfless hero inside of himself that would step up when the time was needed. Blaylock learned that what he thought was, may not be the way it had to stay. The Blind King, Wrath, learned he was not untouchable. Xhex learned that if you let your stubborn male sit and stew eventually he shows by actions that he trusts you. It was a great novel, lots of teary parts, so have a lot of Kleenex on hand; I think I went through a whole box.

Wellsie is fading fast in the In Between, unless Tohr learns to let go of her and send her on her way she will blow away to ash. Tohr is trying to move on, but all he ever thought of was his plans for loving Wellsie for the rest of his life, she was his everything, his reason to get up at night and fight. He kept going over their life and how the little things that they never thought of should have held more meaning for them. When she gone through her last needing and ended up with his son growing in her, he knew he was going to lose her, but he tried to be happy with her and prayed it wouldn’t be so. Then to lose her the way he did, a lesser taking her out while in her car leaving the house of a very powerful vampire through him literally out of his mind.

Almost 16 months after she was gone he had no choice but to leave the field one night to go home to feed, he had only fed once since her death. Layla was supposed to be the Chosen he used, but instead it was No’One that provided for him. For almost a full year she provided for him, while she knew in her heart that he was still loving and thinking of Wellsie. It did not stop her falling in love with him, a Male of Worth that had helped her so long ago when her daughter had been born.

It was a very long journey for the two of these people, and the angel, Lassiter, was just about losing complete patience with both of them before the end of the year. For this whole mission of his was about rescuing Wellsie and his own freedom depended on his success. Lives were changed in this book, and souls set free, after going through fire, tears and sweat.

Layla, the wonderful giving Chosen that only wants to do her job to the fullest, and has a heart as big as the Fade, is going to unfortunately at some point let that heart lead her into trouble in the future. She has one thing that might stop her for a while, a realization of Quinn’s vision when he was dying a while ago.

The last line of the book proper was as perfect set up the next book that 2013 now seems an eternity away. Five stars to this book, more if I could, a great epic tale that leads up through an entire year of the life of the Brothers. A must read if you have any interest in these males of worth, and have followed this series at all.


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