Dead After Dark An Anthology

Dead After Dark: An Anthology

Shadow of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This book is about Fury and Angelia, two friends that were ripped apart by prejudice and hate.

Fury Kattalakis is a Katagria wolf, a wolf that can take human form and for most of his 400 years he has been alone not letting anyone close. Now he is part of a pack that he can trust, his brothers are with him. Vane is Arcadian, human that can take animal form, and Fang who, like him is Katagria. But they stand by each other and protect the pack.

Fury is delivering a message from his brother Fang to Fang’s girl, a bearswan, Amiee Peltier when he finds out the Arcadians have a new weapon that can turn a Katagria back to their base animal form and take all their magic to change back away. He vows to help find the group that is doing this and find out if there is away it can be reversed. When taking the scents he picks up one that he thought never to smell again, Lia’s. She had been his best friend growing up, until it found out that he was Katagria instead of Arcadia, and then she had tried to kill him.

Angelia is an Aristos of the Arcadian petria she was born into, which means she is one of the most powerful of her people. She saw a pack of Katagria wolves kill her family and has hated them ever since, they are nothing but animals and the world must be protected from them. Fury had been her best friend, the person she trusted most in the world, until the day his brother, Dare, and came home to tell them that he was Katagria instead of Arcadia. After he had been beaten almost to death, and she had delivered a blow that had almost completely ended his life they left him for dead and she had not seen him in almost four hundred years. Then, when her group tracks the lion they had hit to Sanctuary, she comes face to face with him.

Can these two wolves come to terms with what the other is? Can they get past the past and form a future? As Angelia goes into heat in the den of Katagria, can she find the strength to grab what she wanted all those years ago? A very strong 5 stars for this story, loved it.

The Story of Son by J. R. Ward

This Installment of Ms. Ward’s Brotherhood books doesn’t take us into the interworkings of the war between the Brotherhood and the Lessers, this is a story about a man that is half human, half vampire.

Claire Stroughton is merger and acquisitions lawyer in Manhattan, NY and she likes her high pressure life with no husband or boyfriend to complain about her hours. She has one older client who is an estate and will client, a very old lady that has been with the firm since her father was a new partner. It is Labor Day weekend, and Miss Leeds has asked for a new revision to her will and that Claire brings out personally for her to sign it. Claire leaves the office on Friday afternoon to go to Caldwell, MA to see Miss Leeds and have the will reviewed and signed. This visit is very different, she senses something is off, but it is not until she drinks the cup of tea alone and starts to feel the effects of a tranquilizer that she realizes how different it is.

When she wakes up she is in a basement room with a man with no name. He is Miss Leeds son, who she had at a time when young ladies of good families did not have children out of wedlock. He has been in this room since he was twelve years old, 52 years. Once a year a woman is brought down to him to feed on. Claire is their first one that he finds he doesn’t want to forget. She gives him name, Michael. When their three days are up, though it hurts him, Michael erases her memory and sends her home.

Three weeks later she is resigning from her job, and finds out she is pregnant, when she also finds out that Miss Leeds has died. She goes to the house to pay her respects and go over the will with Mr. Fletcure, Miss Leeds butler. Once there she starts to remember some her time there three weeks ago, she goes looking for Michael.

I kind of felt like she was either creating a new world in this story; or changing the laws of this world a little in the lives of these characters. Michael made it through transition without a strong vampire female to give him blood. Being half human that was very rare by the laws she had already laid down. He was strong back when he was about twelve and they locked him away, by previous books pretrans are very week, up to their transition at twenty-three to twenty-four years old.

The story was wonderful and a very strong romance defeats anything put its way; mental blocks, very strong butlers – Fletcure, and a world that works on daylight hours. I loved this story despite the cannon differences and give it a strong 4.5 stars.

Beyond the Night by Susan Squires

Andy Cooper was sentenced to a life transported to New Zealand when he was twenty years old. His crime? Falling in love with the land owner’s daughter and declaring it to him.

Drew Carlowe is new to this little town where Sir Melaphont still holds an iron first on the law. Drew has mission though, find the woman he loves, woo her back and then destroy her father. Drew is Andy all grown up, on his way to New Zealand his ship when down, he was rescued by pirates who treated him well and taught him about the sea. Once he had enough money, he remade himself in a gentleman, and came back to claim the woman he has loved all these years.

Freya lives in the house he just bought. She is nine hundred years old and finally living away from her father, trying to decide what she is now that she doesn’t make revenge vampires for her father anymore. For the past year she has been able to scare away most of the young men that dare each other to come up to the house to stay for the night, but now there is this new man in the house and he makes her feel things that she hasn’t felt in a long time, and with her Companion not sure she wants to feel now. But she watches him as he fights is way through his grief at finding out his lady love is dead these past years while he was away.

Can these two damaged beings make a stronger future together? Can they weather the storm of her father’s anger? Can they turn the broken down house with the dust covers still hiding everything into a home? A good love story, 4 stars.

Midnight Kiss Goodbye by Dianna Love

Trey McCree and Sasha have history; they had loved deeply and passionately for nineteen months ten years ago. Then Trey broke her heart as he walked away to fulfill his destiny in a paranormal world that he felt was too dangerous for Sasha to be involved in. He has never forgotten her and checks on her regularly, though she doesn’t know it and he has to use conventional means because unlike everyone else he can’t hear Sasha’s thoughts. The other reason he walked away, how could he ever know what she was really thinking or feeling if he couldn’t hear her thoughts?

Sasha is a tenth generation witch, and right now she is after a magician that that was brought into this world through a portal her older sister accidently opened. Now someone or something possesses her sister and to stop it, Sasha has to find Ekkbar. When Trey shows back up in life, right when she ready to get Ekkbar, she is not happy to see him. But then Trey finds a way for them to work together, with him telling her the truth, because he is not supposed to tell anyone the truth.

With other VIPER members coming to help watch the witches while Trey hunts, and some of this fellow Belador warriors showing up to help in fight he isn’t supposed to be in, and a couple gods putting in an appearance I rate this story about a 3.5 stars, not my favorite of the book.


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