Last Dragon Standing: Dragon Kin #4 by G. A. Aiken

Last Dragon Standing: Dragon Kin #4

G. A. Aiken

The White Dragon Queen, Rhiannon, requested that DragonLord Ragnar of the Nothlands Hordes bring her son, Eibhear, home for a family feast. Okay it wasn’t really a request, with their alliance an order it was, oh, and along the way he was supposed to pick up her sister, Esyld; the traitorous one hiding from her in the Outlands. Not really having a choice, Ragnar starts the journey with his brother Vigholf and his cousin Meinhard. Along the way they ‘rescue’ Princess Kieta from a hanging. Of course, she could have gotten out at time, but in her way she was trying not to kill the innocent humans. Her friend and traveling companion, Ren – a dragon from the Eastlands, comes along with them, and when the two of them get bored… Ragnar’s life gets interesting.

Following them whenever they go away from the group, he thinks she is finding any male she can to sleep with; whenever she walks into a building he knows that she is having sex with every male in there. Once, in a vicious argument with her over her ways he manages to hurt her. Kieta is willing to forgive and forget, if he would just apologize, with no explanations, it takes him two days to do so. And he is completely surprised by her willingness to let bygones be bygones once it happens. This happens once they reach her mother’s palace, and he gets more surprised by the queen when he finds out that her daughter is not what she seems at all. A fact he had been learning, but to find out the full details sets him back on his tail, his dragon tail. Queen Rhiannon was not happy when they showed up without Esyld, she was not at her place when they got there, had been gone for a while. Part of their next mission was to find Eysld.

They are given a mission to find the traitors to the thrown that want to unseat Rhiannon and put her vapid daughter on it so the Sovereigns from, the Iron Dragons from the Westlands, can start their war. Ragnar pledges to Kieta to protect her during this mission, and not to fall in love with her, but to be her lover and let her go. Can he do so with this faceted dragoness? Does he even have a chance?

Izzy has spent the last two years in the infantry of Queen Annwyl’s army. On one mission to a destroyed town, she finds a piece of leather that gets her sent back to the Queen Annwyl’s palace early. Before her aunt and uncle send her back, they tell her about her mother and step-father having a new baby, six months ago. She arrives in a temper, screaming and yelling at the whole family because nobody had wrote and told her. She wouldn’t even take Rhiawen, he sister, until Kieta intervened by starting another argument with her bother.

Then Eibhear embarrass her in front of the whole family by calling out and almost beating to death Celyn, the cousin she has decided to take as a lover. While Annwyl is trying to talk to her down from that temper the nightmare all the women in the family had been having, road up on them. Annwyl met them the way she met any threat, sword raised, limbs flying.

Can this family of Dragons meet the challenges to come? Can Annwyl defend her children against those that are coming to take them for they were never supposed to be? Can this war with the Sovereigns be adverted? Or will they be met on the battlefield? Can Annwyl find a way to leave her children to protect her lands?

This was a great book with a lot more insight into the family dynamics, especially from Queen Rhiannon’s perspective. The love between Kieta and Ragnar is a wonderfully growing thing. He goes from believing her to be a vapid, dimwitted royal with no thought than to the next dress she will wear, barefoot, and the next piece of jewelry she will get, to knowing the woman she is underneath. Knowing that woman, he knows the fastest way to lose her to give in the dragon urge to claim her and mark that beautiful skin she is so proud of and refuses to have marked up. A great inclusion in the Dragon Kin series. I love how these characters interact and keep growing. Five stars with bells. A must read for fans of G. A. Aiken, or for people that love shifters and dragons.


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