Legal Tender: Arts Series #4 by Andrew Grey

Legal Tender: Arts Series #4

Andrew Grey

Timothy Besch is a man on a mission. The mission is to clean up the house his Grampy left him when he died. The problem with the house was that Timothy mom had lived in it for several years by herself and had never taken care of it. She had gotten hooked on crack and let everything go. So, bad memories of her or not, the house had to be cleaned before he could do anything with it. Lucky for him his best friend from his childhood, Dieter lived a couple houses down, so his partner, Gerald, and he offered to help. While he was cleaning he remembered the one thing that his Grampy kept telling him, ‘Don’t forget the stories and it was in the place I made for you to play.’ So, when he got the trash out he went up into the attic and the place Grampy had created for the two of them to be alone, there he found the legacy his Grampy left for him. Several old gold coins; $1, $5, and $10 values. Then as he is looking he sees one that should not be there, he puts them away and makes an appointment with Gerald’s law firm.

Gerald had Joiner Carver, a new lawyer at the firm, sit in on the meeting for the experience and as a possible researcher for any case that might come from the meeting. What Timothy shows them takes their breath away and sends Joiner on the research mission of his career. What did Grampy leave Timothy? A Double Eagle Gold $20 coin, 1933. These are not supposed exist, according to the government; they were never issued because of the depression. One of Grampy’s stories was about going with his father to change all their gold and coins in for paper money in April of 1933, right before they moved from Pittsburg to Milwaukee. They were able to research the weather, the fact that that day a fist fight broke out, but the government had won cases just based on the fact that they said they were never issued.

Joiner Carver thought Timothy was the cutes thing when he first saw him, then he found the Pink Triangle, a gay bar downtown that night when he decided to go out for a bit of fun. It wasn’t your normal on display gay bar, it was geek heaven, and he wasn’t a geek, but then Timothy was beside him and he learned to enjoy himself. As the case progressed, so did their deepening relationship, they learned a lot about each other and some of the stuff Joiner found out that Timothy was dealing with made him ache for the other man he was falling in love with over the days.

A delightful story with some wonderful new characters in our Milwaukee family, also visiting and catching up with some of some older familiar faces; this is a must read for Andrew Grey’s fans. This love story is gentle and well planned out by the writer, real life problems plague both main characters emotionally but they deal with them in a real world ways. The law case stimulates the mind and sent me into research mode, which most of these books have done, a delightful benefit for this reviewer. Yes, a solid five stars and a book I will probably pick up and reread again and again. Thank you for sharing your world with us, Mr. Grey.


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