The Rusty Nail by D. C. McMillen

The Rusty Nail

D. C. McMillen

A collection of 12 stories that revolve around the day in the life of eight people that had frequented the bar, the Rusty Nail, the night before and what happened to them all in the twenty-four period. Loved this book, it was great in a quirky way. Now the Rusty Nail is little hole in the wall bar where the drinks are cheap and the decor is the same, the lighting is non-existent and for some reason it attracts all the nuts and crazies in town; but to me it seemed that each person that came into this little place found just what they needed at just the right time.

Holly Nelson is married to the landlord of the Rusty Nail, the place where her husband has been bring hookers for the past couple months. She is not sure why, she has done everything she thinks he wants in the bedroom to keep hold of him. But after a chance encounter at the Rusty Nail with another woman, Holly knew who and what she wanted now.

Alexandria is a personal trainer in the exclusive health clue that Holly belongs too. She knows that Holly’s husband is cheating on her, she has a client named Ruthie that is the high priced call girl he first used, and she loves Holly dearly. Alexandria’s dream having her own health club that caters to woman of all types, she is about to get her dream.

Gianna caught her out of work boyfriend with what she thought was a broad shouldered hooker and went to the Rusty Nail. Unbeknownst to her, she had a stalker fallowing her that day, right into the Rusty Nail, but once he figured out the erotic encounter she and the lady booth she had accidently slid into were having, he left her alone. (She should thank her lucky stars for that one.) That erotic encounter gave her better understanding of her boyfriend’s erotic encounter she walked in on, not with a broad shouldered hooker, but with his new best friend the gay artist down the hall.

All in all I loved this quirky little story; or this book with 12 different stories in it. It was fun, laughable as it went from one person perspective of the day to another’s and the way the Rusty Nail figured into each of their day. I will definitely be looking for more from this author. Thank you for sharing your 4 star book with us, Ms. McMillen.

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