Enchanted Again: Mystic Circle #2 by Robin D. Owens

Enchanted Again: Mystic Circle #2

Robin D. Owens

This story was great! Amber Sarga is a genealogist, but her magic gift from her maternal side is to break curses placed on people. She learned the hard way that the cost for breaking curses is that she ages physically, the worse the curse the more years it takes off of her life. She is about five foot six, with honey colored skin and dark eyes. She appears physically about thirty-three, but she is chronologically only twenty-six. She has learned her lesson in curse breaking though, any being she loves and holds dear also suffers the accelerated aging also. She lost her beloved cat the last curse she broke; now she has two puppies and refuses to put them in danger.

Rafael Barakiel Davail is thirty-two and knows that he will not live to be thirty-three. No first born son in his family has ever lived past thirty-three. He doesn’t believe in magic, curses or anything he can’t see, feel and touch. He lives his life like he won’t see tomorrow, extreme sports, race car driving, anything dangerous that he can cheat death while excelling at it. His tall, lanky body, dark blond hair and vivid blue eyes have always made getting the girl easy. His rich bank account hasn’t hurt either. His younger brother is the responsible one that runs the family business and is engaged. He doesn’t believe in the family curse, but he goes to the ‘curse breaker’ with his best-friend, Conrad Tyne-Cymbler, who does believe in curses and needs to break his before he loses his baby son.

The brownies over at Jennie Mist-Weaver’s house start coming around Amber’s house. Pred picks her violets and asks her to make a chocolate pie with the violets candied – which he does with a breath. Hertha joins them, scolding her mate for showing himself to another in Mystic Circle when Jennie had forbidden it, but the promise of chocolate pie with candied violets was enough to encourage her to stay also and help Amber with her magic a little bit. Once Rafe and Conrad showed up, Pred went to find the brownie that is supposed to serve her family, the descendants of Cumulustre, Tiro. Tiro is a very grumpy brownie, says that the women of the Cumulustre are ‘squishy’ and they only think of the people whose curses they break, no one else.

Pavan and Vikos, the Elf and Dwarf guardians show up after shadleeches attack Rafe, telling him about his legacy as a warrior against the Dark Ones and what the needs to do on his thirty-third birthday to access his heritage. They can’t tell him much about his curse, is happened when they lost track of his line sometime in the twelve century. Pavan left a new version of the Fairies and Dragons game on Rafe’s tablet and made it so the magic and technology meld fueled it. Hertha offered hot chocolate and cookies to Vikos, but not Pavan, when Pavan asked she replied because he was rude to Amber. He greeted her properly, if coolly, after that Hertha gave a small cup of chocolate and a saucer of two cookies to him.

When Pavan left the advice he gave Rafe was to manifest the dagger he been dreaming of, and to do that, play the game. The game gave him the Cosmos Shield, and the Cosmos Dagger ended up at the Denver Museum of Natural History. Now they have to get it. When he had been attacked again and Eight Corp wouldn’t help with a bodyguard, Sittizz showed up offering to do the job to bring honor back to her name.

I loved this book as much as their first one of this series and can’t wait for the third come out a little later this year. This mix of magic and technology in the twenty-first century is fascinating to me and a wonderful flight for my imagination. The characters all come to life so vividly as the brownies scuff their feet, roll their ears down their heads, the fire sprits burns hirer or condenses herself, the tone of skin, the brightness of eyes and a simple hand guster commented on all add up to making these people as real to me as I am reading as my co-workers sitting the room with me. Ms. Owens remains one of my all time favorite authors and continually be on my auto buy list. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories with us, Ms. Owens and I await the next one.


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