Eulogy’s Secret: Huntley Trilogy #1 by Grace Elliott

Eulogy’s Secret: Huntley Trilogy #1 by Grace Elliot

This story was has a full cast of characters that stay with you long after you have closed the book. They all come alive in the pages and you are rooting for all of them.

Our heroine is Eulogy Foster; she just came to London from the country looking for her brother, her last living relative. She is the youngest living child of Lord and Lady Devlin; Lady Gabriella Delvin gave her to the attending physician when she was born to save her from her abuse husband who would look on a daughter as a weak liability. Now Lord and Lady Devlin are dead, and her foster parents are also gone, her foster mother telling her the truth just before she died, leaving Eulogy looking for someone to call family. Jack Huntley is the youngest son of three, he has made his name as a seller and buyer of fine arts, he his very logical minded and his heart is closed off from all lying women – which to him are all women. Lucien Devlin is Eulogy’s brother, and Jack’s worst enemy. He is a bully and a manipulator who is broke and trying to marry an heiress and doesn’t need a weak little sister showing up in his life right now. Tristan Ferrell is a has been artist that has spent the last twenty or so years in a bottle, taken care of faithfully by his housekeeper, Mrs. Prudence Featherstone who is as deeply devoted to her ginger cat, Gilbert.

These characters come off the page as real three dimensional people with real problems and real fears. I admit there a couple of times that Jack was being such a typical male, leaping before looking, accusing before listening, and walking away after listening to a known liar without talking to Eulogy that I truly wanted to hurt him. Eulogy handled everything with a grace and ease that fit the way she was raised and the title she was born into. This book wouldn’t let me put it down, it kept me enthralled until the end. Through the climax which rolled into the final scenes with a grace and ease of winter rolling into spring. Can a young woman model for an artist and keep her virtue? Can a man who has been humiliated in front of the ton by a woman trust his heart with another? Eulogy is a country nobody, since her brother won’t claim her, how would this hurt his ability to deal the ton and can he risk it? Find out all these answers and more as you about Eulogy’s Secret, as wonderfully penned tale of love, secrets, and lies. Ms. Elliot truly understands the Regency period in England’s history and the little rules and quirks of the people of the time. Pick this up and read it for a full color, existing ride. Five stars to the beginning of the Huntley Trilogy.


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