Redemption by Fire by Andrew Grey – A Scorcher

Redemption by Fire

By Andrew Grey

Dirk Krause is a firefighter, he is a good firefighter, but he is man with a real self-hatred problem. His father is also always trying to get him to change jobs, to something that means something, seeing the firefighting as nothing more than a child’s dream and no way to make money.

Lee Stockton is also a firefighter the newest one in the station. He is the one that pulled Dirk out of the fire that almost took his life, and didn’t believe the rest of the firehouse when they said what a bad attitude Dirk had, how could someone that risked everything for a child be as bad as they said? So he went to take flowers to Dirk in the hospital where he was recovering; and realized that the men weren’t exaggerating. He also realized something about Dirk that Dirk probably hadn’t realized about himself… Dirk was gay.

Dirk couldn’t be gay; his dad would never forgive him. His father worked for a very Christian brokerage firm and even though Dirk could never remember going to church growing up, or any other Christian values being in the house, his father adhered to so stringently now because of the company. But the one thing that had always remained the same, homosexuality was wrong in the basic way. The fact that Lee made Dirk think things he never should, and feel things that he never should be feeling, and makes his body react in ways it should not be reacting.

Finally he gave into Lee and the desires, but he was in no way ready to come out and in the process of trying to figure out how to handle this new development in this life he hurt Lee a couple times. Finally they decided to stay as far away from each other as they could considering they both worked in the same station. This worked, not happily, until one day a rescue put them both in danger. Can they save the little girl caught in the rising river water? Can Dirk save Lee from the same waters? Can Dirk’s career survive his coming out? Can he ever find peace with his father?

If you are a fan of Andrew Grey’s this new series set in Carlisle, PN is a great way to start your journey with him. He you are already a devoted fan, this new series will suck you in and having you panting for more. I love these two characters, and who doesn’t like firefighters? They were so real and their personal and professional battles caught at your heart and wouldn’t let go. Five stars for this one and I am eagerly awaiting his next one.


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