The Hunters: Declan and Tori bk 1 by Shiloh Walker

The Hunters: Declan and Tori by Shiloh Walker

Tori McAddams is a PI, she doesn’t believe in anything paranormal, it just isn’t logical. Then she takes a case of a stripper, who says she was bit by a vampire and he was now after her.

Tori tries to get some information on this client by calling the only cop in town she trust to give her a fair shake, Declan Reilly, a man whose very voice makes her panties wet, except he isn’t in town, and is not answering his personal cell. She goes out alone and bumps into Dani’s monster, but she is able to shake off his compulsion and manages to put a put a bullet in his face, then runs and hides out in her apartment. She calls Declan again, but he is still not answering. She gets advice from the voice of an old woman manages to survive when Mannuel shows up to turn her.

A week later, Tori makes it to Declan’s place and Declan becomes her first blood meal and they start the affair they have tip toeing around since they have known each other. Declan decided to take her up to Elijah Covington’s place, the one vampire he knew he could trust.

This book was good until this point, at this point Elijah told Declan after Tori’s first real blood meal and he realized that she would quickly turn into a Master Vampire that he had to assert dominance over her or she would look to control and dominate everyone around her, including him. Now this is a woman, a strong woman before, and woman, who by the help of Rosa – Manuel’s mother – had turned herself into the “Huntress” and was going to be a very strong and powerful Vampire; so what did these two alpha men do? The sexually dominated her, did not let her have the control she could have had, Declan could not stand the idea that she would be more aggressive, more dominate than him, so he had to prove to her who was the stronger in bed. This alone made me rate this book a rating of3 stars. Instead of letting her come to her full growth and arguing it out with her as her power grew, he took her sexual power away from her. For other readers this might read very differently, and I hope so, but this is unfortunately how it read for me. I am not sure if I am going to continue with this series or not.


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