Dangerous Secrets: Walker Brothers #2 (Tall, Dark & Deadly) by Lisa Renee Jones

Dangerous Secrets: Walker Brothers #2 (Tall, Dark, and Deadly)

By Lisa Renee Jones

Ms. Jones has reassembled the cast of characters from the first Walker Brothers book, Hot Secrets, and woven anther story worthy of the tag HOT EROTICA.

Julie Harrison is an attorney that ended up specializing in divorces, she took one high profile athlete and the rest followed. It wasn’t what she had really gotten into law for, but it validated her views on life, love and marriages. Now she has taken on a Judge’s case, and his wife came to see her. He was trying to completely cut her off, she came to Julie to tell her to inform her client that she knew the secrets about the art and to start playing ball or she was telling all.

Luke Walker is the second brother, and ex-Navy SEAL, that is home to help with his brother’s security firm, and to keep his youngest brother who is on a down ward spiral after losing his fiancée in an ATF bust. He is also here and not leaving now, so he can figure out how to get his older brother’s wife’s best friend back in his bed and keeping her there.

When Elizabeth Moore drops her threat in Julie’s lap and Julie calls Judge Moore to relay the words, she suddenly finds herself looking over her shoulder and feeling like she is being stalked. Luke meets up with her in Chicago when they get snowed in and gets her to hire Walker Security so that she can tell him what is wrong. What she tells him gets them all involved deeply in an art smuggling ring that also does drugs – tainted to kill children – and the old stand-by arms. It is a dangerous game they are playing, and Luke is playing for keeps for Julie’s heart and her life.

Julie is a strong woman, with a strong protective streak of her own that matches Luke’s. Luke while wanting to always take care of Julie, and to lock her up and protect her from all harm, understands that Julie is strong and while he may leave her at home, it really doesn’t surprise him when she shows up where she is not supposed to be. He loves her strength and never wants to let her lose it – even though it does infuriate the cave man in him.

I loved the way that these two characters played off of each other and the heat and vulnerability that worked between them. Both had their insecurities and both had their strengths, and together they must find a way to match those qualities and still keep their own individuality. Can Julie learn that love does exist for her? That all relationships do not end in divorce court? Can she grow enough to take that chance? Can Luke learn to trust in the strength of his woman?

Hot-explosive-sex is the term for the book, it is great. Luke holds out against the sex goddess that Julie becomes as long as he can, and Julie finds that the sex goddess she had used for so many years as a shield against getting involved is nowhere to be found around Luke. I loved the tone of this book, and the way they all interacted. It was a great follow-up to the first book and I am eagerly awaiting the next one, the last brother’s story. I can just imagine the heat level on that one.

I give this book a hot 5 star rating. Go pick it up if you like your romance with a touch of suspense and hot levels of steams.


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