Felice’s Worlds: From the Holocaust to the Halls of Modern Art by Henry Massie

Felice’s Worlds: From the Holocaust to the Halls of Modern Art

By Henry Messie

This loving tribute to an astounding sounding woman is penned by her son. Felice was born to the name Oserovicz, married the name Steinberg to get into Palestine, and then finally married Edward Massie for love, she was more than her last names, and her left spanned the globe as well. A woman of her time, maybe a bit ahead of her time of some things, a woman that escaped the horrors that befell her family and the rest of Europe, and suffered for it for the rest of her life.

This is a tapestry of woman’s life well lived, with many interesting backdrops to set the various stage and the cast of characters is wide and full of verity. Not a dull life did this woman live, a woman whose belief in Socialism was set at a very young age and carried her through the years she lived, the people she knew and the countries she lived in. She even managed to hang on it as a very vocal person in the McCarthy era. The colors and textures of this novel pull you along as you read from one page to the next, eager to find out what next befalls our lovely heroine. Totally captivating life, and finally understood by her son after a lifetime of chasing after the larger than life image that was her.

This book spans the globe, and almost a hundred years worth of history. Each time Felice made a move she moved forward, and she just missed the violence WWII that swept through Europe. But she was not unaffected by the war, though she was not there, her family was still over there, then the war in Palestine where her sisters had made their home. But she survived, and she lived a good long life, into her nineties. A must read if you like epic personal stories. I couldn’t put this book down, too many times it sent me searching the internet after a term or an event in history, and I love books that can so catch my attention. Five Stars for this one, hands down a great book.


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