A Reckless Witch: A Modern Witch #3 by Debora Geary

Back with our favorite witches in book three of her captivating series, Ms. Geary does it again. We start on a good size wave, and as the story builds with everything going on, we crash with a tsunami wave big enough to take out several small villages; but our witches handle a young reckless with, a new baby witchling determined to be born in her own way, and the memory of a beloved lost member of the community.

Sierra Brighton is a water witch born and raised. When she was twelve her mother disappeared and she ended up in the foster system because she didn’t know anybody’s name from the community. Her mother didn’t like rules or constrictions so they moved around a lot and Sierra had never met any of them. She is now getting ready to turn 18 and opt out of the foster care system, if she can find a job to support herself. While looking one day the ‘fetching’ spell pulls her into the amodernwitch.com’s chat room. All that Nell, Sophie and Moira know is that Sierra is an underage witch that needs a job and a family.

Nell asks him if they could use a new coder and mentions that Sierra had said that she had been up to level three on the witch’s only part of the game; Jamie goes looking in their back records for her name and to see what level her coding skills were back then. They find out that the account was under Sierra’s mother’s name, Amelia Brighton; they had found one of their own. Nobody had known that Amelia had a child, so they hadn’t looked for one when she disappeared. Now they took her in.

Govin, the most powerful weather witch in this generation and one that keeps track of weather patterns with TJ Hamblin – a non-witch math genius – for the national and world weather services was the first to notice that she affected weather patterns. He called her reckless and was scared of her, Devin – one of Jamie’s triplet brothers – defended her and said that she just needed to be told about the safety lines and things that they all took for granted. TJ was the first to notice that she had no idea how pulling on the winds, or currents from different parts of the world to wherever she was affected the weather on a world scale –or at all. He tried explaining it to her. She picked up on the safety issues quickly, especially after playing with some baby dolphins caused a large wave to kill a baby bird several hundred miles away. She almost quit her magic after that, but between Devin and Govin they were able to talk her into learning more instead of giving it all up.

Jamie and Nat are expecting their first child, a fire that has actively been playing with power lines for several months in womb now. They ask Devin and Lauren to lead the circle that will bring her into this world. This brings Devin and Laruen closer as they have to work even closer together than they did during the wedding. Yes, their own embers start to heat up as they work with both the circle and Sierra; another romance on the fringes of the story that adds dimension to over all storyline.

Another read rated at five stars by this reviewer. Ms. Geary is a master of dangling an opening scene and capturing your attention and emotions until she has finished her story and leaves you wanting soooo much more. I can never wait to dive into the next one once I am finished with the one I am reading. Her rhythm in her words and scenes is spot on, her word choice is masterful, and the world she has created is so much a part of the real world that is so easy to see this actually taking place in the real world. Another book that you must pick up if you love small children – this time our witchlings are into pink glitter, Nell’s nine year old triplets, and learning to ride booms, her 5 year old son and no witches don’t usually ride brooms – lots of great food is needed for all this magic so lots of cookies and delicious meals are laid out again as through the other books. You have to love a series that without being a cookbook holds such delicious foods that you want to go cook. Thank you, Ms. Geary for sharing your world with us.


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I am a single, pagan female who loves the written word. I am doing reviews on books to feed my reading habit. I will post those reviews here. I also love movies, TV shows, and laughing with my friends. I love to cochet, and am starting to spin my own yarn. Boy, do I think there very fun stories in that! So they might show up here. Also I have two cats and a small dog. Valkyrie, Miss Dottie and Sir Luck the Pup.... their stories may also sneak in here from time to time, to stay tuned.

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