Lover At Last: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel by J. R. Ward – possible spoilers

. Lover At Last: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel

By J. R. Ward

Oh, this book was a long time coming and very much anticipated by this reader. Qhuinn and Blaylock have gone through so much together since they were children and especially in the years since the series started. Their story demanded to be told by the very circumstance of the story line. And it didn’t disappoint.

Let me say I did enjoy the book, it was full of Ms. Ward’s dark humor and the Brother’s heavy sarcasm and fun filled picking on each other. This was a very long book with a lot going on; so much that it took away from the main story. I don’t want to get into a real long detailed review because of spoilers that might come out, so I will just give a summary of the main characters and story lines. I will also pose of few of the questions that I was left with. Now

Layla shone through out this whole book. Whether she was dealing with the pregnancy, standing up to Phury about Qhuinn and the pregnancy (which was just an awesome scene as she growls with such menace that it made the Brother step back and Doc Jane quip ‘That is why they call the female the more dangerous of the species.’ The scene made me laugh till I cried.), or while dealing with the fact she has fallen in love with an enemy of the King and the Brotherhood. She is a true Choosen and a lady. I loved watching her grow into the full Female she was meant to be. That is what I see the Choosen doing -growing up and into the full Females they are meant to be since Phury brought them over from the other side. I did cry with her when she realized she was in love with the one male she couldn’t have, though I do want him dead before he can fully bond with her and hurt her, because by his very nature he can do nothing else.

Qhuinn still had so much growing up to do and a lot of baggage to dig through and unpack before he could be the Male of Worth that Blaylock needed and deserved. One thing that Qhuinn did right throughout the whole book was stand beside, in front of and with Layla for the pregnancy. Through it all he was there, willing – even expecting – Phury’s anger at finding out about it, or making Havers treat Layla like a full Female of Worth after he had berated her when she had first come in for treatment without either Phury or Qhuinn. (I admit I am with Layla at being just evil enough to enjoy the scene where Qhuinn had his dagger to Havers’ neck, making him apologize and give her the information she needed. Havers still isn’t one of my favorite characters and I still want to know what is going on with the artificial blood he was working on in books one and two.)

Blaylock, our red haired warrior. There were times when I wanted to slap him upside the head while he was with Qhuinn without telling him he had broken up with Saxton. Through the whole book he is taking his pleasure and letting Qhuinn think it is something else, and that he was still involved with the other Male. I can understand why he didn’t just open his heart and allow Qhuinn free reign after all Qhuinn had done in the past, and still had to admit to himself. But those little omits on his part still kind of upset me personally.

The love scenes between the two of them were HOT, and I know I am probably being picky, but in the scenes in the previous books between the males and their females, the males had been so considerate about making sure she was ready for him. I can’t see Qhuinn or Blaylock caring for each other any less as lovers. I know it is set in a fantasy world, but still a little foreplay would have been nice between them.

Xcor. What to say about the evil male that is trying to take Wrath’s throne? On his first plan to take the mansion by storm and capture a bonded female causing the Brothers to lay down their arms in surrender – I wanted to see him try and to grab Payne or Xhex, one of those warriors getting that close to him. Bye-bye Xcor. If they grabbed Doc Jayne, ‘Oops, did I just go transparent and give my mate a chance at you?’ Oh, I would have loved to read that scene, but he has decided to go a legal route for now and see what happens there. I have to admit it does set things up for the basis of the next book that I hear is coming out.

Assail. I do not like this new drug dealer in Caldwell. He is no Rhevenge that’s for sure. After his actions both personal and professional in this book I cannot wait for his death. Let’s just say that and be done with this character. A male who does cocaine to avoid having to feed; this is not a good business practice. Along with selling product to your enemy so he can make money to gain more arms to end your race, again not the best business practice. Whether you want to stay out of the war and politics of the vampire race or not you are signing your own death warrant.

Trez becomes a major player in this story, we finally find out his and iAm’s last name, more about their culture and why he is the way he is in this book. They end up in the mansion for their protection and extra protection for the First Family.

Now Qhuinn did get one thing in this book that I have been waiting for since the boys moved into the mansion, John Matthew’s no longer has a bodyguard, the tattoo on Qhuinn’s face has been changed, but I want to know what happened to the chain necklace he wore as a sign of his station. He finally has the family he always dreamed of having.

The epilog is must read part of this story, it is worth the time to read all the rest; it was the romantic climax the rest of the story had been building to.

Now for the questions this story left me with: A member of the glymera is found that was thought killed in the raids, there were three other containers next to the one he was found in, but they never looked in those, they never went back – not that was in the story anyway – and I need to know what was in there! And why would Lash keep him alive and torture him for torturing his family when Lash was as evil as they come and made a point of torturing this of this male’s family before and after Lash’s transformation? This tidbit is found out during a throwaway conversation between the two after he is rescued. How many more books are we going to have to wait for these answers? And will we even remember the questions when the answers come?

Over all, while I did the find the story cluttered and wandering at times, I found enough enjoyment in the characters interactions and with Ms. Ward’s writing style to give this book a rating of 4.5 stars. It was nice being back in Caldwell and in the mansion with the Brotherhood and their family. And yes, there was a set up for the next book about Wrath and the throne. I think we went through another Fore-lesser, but I am having a hard time keeping track of them since Lash. And the set up for at least four if not five more males to have their stories told. A must pick up if you enjoy this series.

I know in some areas I was oblique, but I didn’t want to give any spoilers and to be more specific would have given major spoilers. I hope someone finds thins helpful.


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