MagicStorm (Heart of the Vampire bk 4) by Amber Kallyn

MagicStorm: Heat of a Vampire bk 4 by Amber Kallyn

Brandon Wolfgar is a thousand year old Viking vampire beholden to the Vampire King Jordan in Moss Creek, Arizona. He is the elder of twins and therefore is supposed to protect his brother. Eric is lying in a coma, locked in his own nightmares from a thousand years ago. So when Jordan orders him to go to Phoenix because the cult killings have started up again he is not pleased. But he goes, for he has never told Jordan ‘no’.

Detective Celeste Wilder is in charge of the new cult killings, she has three bodies and no leads. Her captain is certain that the perpetrator of the old killings is dead, and this is a new killer. She goes out to a scene on night and is saved from three guys that might have been the killers by Brandon, when they exhibit exceptional talents in fighting. She is not pleased to have to thank him, and she is not sure that he is not involved somehow. So when she gets to work the next morning, she is not happy to discover that she has to take on a special partner to finish the investigation with, and that is the guy from the ally the night before.

Brandon doesn’t like the feelings protective and otherwise, which this little human female stirs up in him. He wants this case solved so he can get back to his brother. As he works with Celeste, his feelings for her continue to grow as he shows her the other side of the world, vampires, werewolves, banshees, shaman’s and other things that go bump in the night and she stays strong and accepts it all. No one, nothing, has ever threatened his control since he had been turned, but he feels the edges thinning around this woman.

Celeste is a strong woman, police detective, daughter and big sister. All this stuff she is learning from Brandon is freaking her out, but she refuses to show any weakness, to him, her co-workers, her boss or the bad guys. She is not sure what is going on with this big Viking Vampire that defies all the legends that say they can’t go out in the daylight, and that they are evil as he time and again protects her and puts himself between her and danger. I loved how she wasn’t so mad about the bite when he unexpectedly bit her, but that he didn’t ask first. She is spunky and takes nothing from nobody, including a hunky, sexy Viking Vampire partner.

As these two face down a Dark Wizard from Brandon’s past, who is threatening Celeste’s sister in the now, they must find a way to use everything they have to take him down. With brief appearances from Shane, Sheriff of Moss Creek, and Jordan, we know we are visiting old friends, and making new ones. The sexual tension between Brandon and Celeste, burn up the pages in this story. Their story is very real in this world, and Brandon is a hero to die for. Celeste is a heroine that takes no numbers as she takes down the bad guys. Family is the most important thing to both of them, she understands he needs with Eric and he understands her desire and need to save Shana, her younger sister.

I loved these two; their story was fast moving and forwarded the series along in a wonderfully hot way. I rate this book at five stars, and am eagerly awaiting the next one. Ms. Kallyn created another wonderful story filled with action, heat, danger and love.


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