Skeletons in the Closet (Southern Ghost Hunter Series) by Angie Fox

Oh, this book is about to turn Sugerland, Tennessee on its ear.  What the ghosts of this town are about to reveal to Verity Long and her ex – almost brother-in-law-possible-boyfriend, Ellis Wydell, goes back to the Civil War when the town’s top families built their reputations.

The book opens at the Cannonball in the Wall celebration, a yearly celebration commemorating the town’s victory over the Union solders. During this time, Beau Wydell, Verity’s ex, tries to start a conversation up with her about getting back together, Ellis interferes.  When Verity gets back home, Frankie, ‘The German’, is bugging her about ungrounding him.  When she threw what she thought was old ash and dirt out of a vase Beau had given her a month ago, she had grounded Frankie’s spirit to her house and property, he also helped her to see other ghosts.  Now he was trying to find a way to unground himself so he could roam all over town again.  Verity promised to help, but with some of the ghost hunting she had gotten involved in, against her better judgment, and trying to find a way to keep herself and Lucy, her pet skunk, fed after Beau’s mom had sued her for everything she had because she left her baby boy at the alter kept interfering.

We meet ghosts of the Civil War, most of them Confederate, and one Union solider, who died at that battle, a native of the town.  Yes, that war ripped familes apart, brother against brother.  Major Matthew Jackson, the Union soldier from Sugarland, was a big help to Verity, Ellis and Frankie (just because he didn’t want to help didn’t mean he gets to be left out, old gangster).

The Wydell matriarch is putting her entire fortune and the family’s reputation on the line this year, with a documentary on the event and the town, and a possible major movie in the  works, but Darla Grace one of the volunteers this year discovers something two long buried secrets that could shatter everything in an old lap secretary that is sent over for the display at the library. 

When she is killed over her discovery, Verity and the gang must dig through clue after clues of a missing heiress, and a missing confession to find out who the real killer is.  Can they do it time? While dodging bullets and fires and helping one young soldier cross over.  You must read this book to find out who really did it.  Five stars hands down, action wise, and pulling on heartstrings wise, this has to be the best in the series so far. 


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I am a single, pagan female who loves the written word. I am doing reviews on books to feed my reading habit. I will post those reviews here. I also love movies, TV shows, and laughing with my friends. I love to cochet, and am starting to spin my own yarn. Boy, do I think there very fun stories in that! So they might show up here. Also I have two cats and a small dog. Valkyrie, Miss Dottie and Sir Luck the Pup.... their stories may also sneak in here from time to time, to stay tuned.

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