A Lover’s Tale (x2) reworked

Okay, here is the reworked version.  Let me know what you think.  Any and all editing or critiques are welcome.  Thank you.

         Peace reigned over this plot of land, the battle ended at sunrise, now at sunset, after lengthy negotiations, it was considered neutral land.   Isora was content that this would remain a public parcel never to be claimed privately.  Sea met desert and the jungle encroached on the other side, all five elements resided here and it was her favorite spot to recharge her own elements.

         They called her a Spirit Weaver because she could take the other four elements and weave them together, her own parents didn’t know how strong she really was.  Actually, she didn’t know how far her element would take her. Could she fly, like an air? She’d never tried. Become fire? Meld with a tree? Become water or an aquatic being? With her power she just didn’t know, she didn’t know anyone that could do what she did; most Spirit elements could affect emotions and thoughts, but work with other elements? No. The Great Golden Goddess had told her she was special in her abilities, someday others would be born with this mutation, but not in this generation.

         There, Isora felt him near. Shivers rocked her body as lightning streaked across her nerve endings, he did that to her, touched her soul without ever touching her body.

         “Warrior,” her greeting light as he stepped off the cloud he had ridden down, its moisture and coldness caressed her back as he used the wind to power it away.

         “Priestess,” a breeze of a deep timbered voice tickled her nape.

         With a sigh, she leaned back against him as he sat behind her. His arms slid around her middle and his chin came to rest on her shoulder.

         “You shouldn’t have come.”

         “I needed to see you, my lady. You are my restoration, as this land is yours. I know you don’t like the life I lead, but I love only you,” his breath flowed over her ear, causing a shiver to race down her spine.

         “I love only you, Jashem, your being a warrior does nothing to stop that. You were born with certain tendencies, you need to protect those you love and I understand that perfectly.” She turned her head and rubbed her temple against his chin, her hair getting caught in his evening stubble. “Your family and my family are fighting different wars, and I cannot abandon my Father at this time.”

         His arms tightened around her, “I am the strongest of my line, so I cannot leave my Mother.” The feel of his warm skin sent licks of fire though Isora’s veins as he buried his face in her neck. “Thank the Goddess we are not fighting each other.”

         ‘But we’re about to fight others, which is why you should not have come. ’ she sent him.

         ‘I know, my love, just keep a shield around yourself, you’re too empathic to fight, plus you’re not trained.’ With a mental chuckle, Jashem un-wrapped his arms from around her and leaned back distancing himself from her body.

         Isora curled into herself as if they had just had harsh words, knowing the truth in his words, but not waiting to acknowledge it. She pulled warm air from the desert winds, shadows from the deepest part of the jungle, strength from the tides in the ocean, and then she tied them together creating an invisible dome shield she placed around herself.

         “Look what we have here, boys; a set of love birds.”

         Isora watched a young Fire Warrior swagger out of the jungle, four others followed him. She felt two Earth elementals, one Air elemental and one Water elemental comprised the group, all were new to warrior status. She sent this information to Jashem, along with what energy she could spare, hoping it got through.  Her eyes were drawn to the intricate design on the Fire warrior’s scabbard, she knew that family, they wanted her family’s MountainKeep, though the other four she had no knowledge of.

         ‘Jashem, go, they are here for me. I will not see you harmed.’ She prayed her thought got through to him, usually touching was required for telepathy even by the strongest Spirit Elementals.

         She felt Jashem get to his feet, tension coiled in his muscles for all his lazy movements.

         ‘This is not your fight, go home!’ Isora practically shouted at him.

         “Liam, what fire threw your spark all the way over here?” Jashem sneered. With a mental snort his reply crossed the distance separating them, ‘As if I’d leave you, my love.’

         “I was looking for a way to stop this war between our families; even it meant taking her as a mate. Now I know what she is, naught but a slut, I can look for one more pleasing to me. We can play with this female.” He threw his head back and laughed, the others followed his lead.

         ‘Oh Great Golden Goddess, Mother of us all, give me strength.’ Isora sent up to their deity.

         “I have never played with an Air before, Liam, can I play with him?” One of the Earth’s circled around behind Jashem.

         “He’s all yours,” Liam casually waved at his friend.

         “Liam, she’s a Spirit Elemental, I can feel her grounding into the earth and reaching for water and air, her shield is very strong.” The other Earth stated as he circled around her with the Air, he had some Spirit Element if he could sense what she was doing.

         “Her shields will fall fast enough when we start hurting her lover.” Liam stalked to her, towering over her, he spit at her, “Get up, witch.”

         Isora looked up at him, her eyes heating with her power; she knew they glowed lavender now. “No, you will never touch me, Liam.”

         The Water Elemental shifted around Liam and the Earth Elemental as they readied their swords for use.

         “Oh, I think once I begin slicing on lover boy you will change your mind, or maybe you don’t care about him.” Liam taunted, striking out at her shield with his sword. Energy cracked up the blade of the side-sword, almost ripping the sword from his grip.

“Let’s go, Liam, I beat you in primary, and in training academy, I can still lay you out.” Jashem taunted him.

         Isora felt the wind as Jashem swung to meet the attack from behind him, she felt the power he pulled in creating the sword for his hand, and she lent him what fire she could to forge the blade and water to temper it. Then she saw the Air and Water Elementals throw power her way. A wave crashed over her shield as a funnel cloud tried drilling from above, its drill fine point shattered as it hit her shield.

         That was when Isora stood; no, she was not a trained warrior, but she had all the elements at her command and she would not let this arrogant buck tower over her. She laughed as his streams of fire bounced off her shields.  Ice and gale force winds crashed around her now, sliding off her shields like rain on a window.

         Squaring her shoulders, raising her hands to her waist palms up, she called to the living forces in the area. Thorny vines rose through the earth at her feet, seeking her tender flesh, she caught the thought from the Earth Elemental not engaged with Jashem, that they would find her flesh tasty.  “I am a Spirit Elemental, you think they will attack me?” she bespoke the vines and they grew to a thickness of a man and kept growing in length, then they slid through her shield and wrapped themselves around the Earth Elemental like grasping tentacles.

         He screamed as he was crushed in the coils, it matched the scream from his brother, the other Earth Elemental, as Jashem’s sword sunk home and he too went back to the Great Wheel. More clashing of swords as the Air Elemental jumped in to engage Jashem, but Isora had other problems as another tidal wave came off the ocean towards her.  A look from her, a twitch of her hand and the tidal wave broke early. Crashing over the Water Elemental and pulling him back out to its watery home.

         That left just Liam and her facing off across the clearing from one another.

         “What are you doing?” Liam started to back away as his fire streams went around her shield.

         Isora let her shield drop as she stared him down. “I am a Spirit Elemental; you should have listened to your friend, Liam.  I control all four elements; I weave them together to make them stronger than they are alone.  I may not be trained in combat; however. I am sure the Elements will tell me what to do.”  Her voice was soft, sensual even, a weapon of air.

         She pulled the power from around them, she creating a funnel at his feet, heated air from his own hands, wind from the tidal currents from the ocean, and sand hardening to glass with the fire, “I will never let you touch me, Liam. Go back to the Great Wheel.” She released the power built up and a column rose to engulf the Fire Warrior.

         In later years later stories told to children raised in the moon’s glow recounted that Jashem stepped into Isora’s circle of power, under the Moon Goddess’ watchful gaze;

         “My heart to your heart, forever” he vowed taking her hands.

         “My soul to your soul, forever,” she responded their lips touching as they were caught in the backlash of the release of most powerful magic spell as yet woven to.

         The explosion of power was seen and felt for a hundred quinze; the column of light and glass weaved together the colors of all five power elements, green, silver, blue, red and lavender and seemed to reach the small moon hanging above that spot. The small moon never moved again, fixed in its orbit by the power lease, or the power of the lover’s lives lost in that spot. The column of solid glass stood as a monument to first mutation of Elemental Magic.

         For a hundred quinze radius, by magic or the Blessing of the Moon Goddess, that moon always showed it full face to those that looked up. Many believed that the two lovers forever live there in each other’s arms as the legend said they died.



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