Enduring Ink: A Montgomery Ink Novel #5

To be published on June 14, 2016.  Given for review.

Ink Enduring: A Montgomery Ink Novel #5 by Carrie Ann Ryan


I got caught right up in this book and couldn’t put it down.  Loved the family connections in this book, and how the Montgomery family takes in strays and makes them their own.

This story begins 13 years before the actual story, a couple hours at a dance club, two people, Maya Montgomery and Jake Gallagher met there, and had an explosive hour or so, then Jake got called away on an family emergency and by the time things settled back down and he could get back to Maya, it was 3 months later and she was involved with someone else.  Jake made the decision to be her friend and best friends are what they became to each other, rarely separated. 


Border Gentry rides his bike back into Jakes life one night, he ran once because of his history and what might happen to Jake if he let himself get too deeply involved.  Now, after years of phone conversations and emails between the two of them, Border is ready to meet this Maya that Jake talks about, and see where things might go. His dad is dead and the danger to Jake is over.  Or is it? With the life he has led while he has been gone, is he bringing the danger right to their front door? 


Jake thought he was falling in love with the beautiful Melody, but when Border knocked on his door one night, he was taken back all those years ago. Can he trust Border not to walk out again? Can he find a way to bring Maya into their bed? After thirteen years of just being friends, can they turn that into something else? He never stopped wanting or loving her, he just pushed it aside and down deep because he knew he couldn’t live without her in his life.


In his mind he has it all plotted out, every step, Border knows what he feels, what he wants to happen from the first time he meets Maya, but with work – this one last assignment – getting too close, can he keep his two chosen loves safe? Maya tries her hardest to not care about anybody, except her family and Jake as a friend. But now that she has opened up to these two men, can she find a place between them? Or will they close ranks against her at their first obstacle?


This book was a great read, loved it, love this family I am so wrapped up in them now I have to go back and read everything.  This book gets 4 ½ stars from me. The only issue I had was how much each character stayed in their own heads, and forgot that the other people in this threesome didn’t live in their heads, made for lots of thinking and little conversation. Since I love conversation, this drove me little nuts, but I will continue to read all these books as quickly as Ms. Ryan can write them.  Thank you so much for sharing your inked, strong characters with us.




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