The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife by Julia Justiss

I got this book as an ARC. It was wonderful. The settings and protocols of the regency period are in full use in this book, which helps to bring you into the story.

From page one I was caught in this story. Lady Temperance Lattimar is saying good by to her sister, her twin sister. Prudence is heading to Bath with their aunt to attend the Season there so she can find a quiet husband away from her mother’s latest scandal. But Temper has decided to ride the scandal out in London, She is determined not marry any way, so a Season and no takers, maybe a minor scandal society will blow out proportions will help, and she’ll get her inheritance from her father and go exploring antiques for her father in the world.

Griffinel Newell, second son and member of Parliament who also happens to be a long time family friend of her brothers, steps in to help since no one will sponsor her. He offers to ask his godmother and aunt, Lady Sayleford, a lady no one in Society dares to cross. The Countess agrees with the stipulation that Giff acts as her protector at all functions.

At one point to get out of the Season, and to help Griff who is taking flack from his mother for taking money away from estate (and her) by living in London and being part of Parliament, to a marriage blac. Or a marriage of Convenience. He turns her down at the time, thinking that she will change her mind about some young buck. And that with her hoyden ways she really wasn’t the political wife he was looking for.

One young miss is very jealous, and wants Giff for herself. When she realizes he is not in the market for a wife, and disbelieves Temper is not in the market for a husband, she connives to get them caught together in a room, locked from the outside I might add, ruining Temper.

We all know what happens from there, Griff being an Honorable young man. I liked this book a lot. It was a fun read with a spunky heroine who knew what she wanted. A darkness from her past haunted her, and her mother’s reputation made things extra hard for her. But she took it in stride and loved her mother. I give this book 4 1/2 stars. If you like Regency Romances you must pick this one up for a wonderful read.

The only real problem I had with book was the fact that it was Earl’s Inconvenient Wife. So I knew at some point his brother would die. And since we never hear anything about the brother except how perfect he was back home, you knew it was going to be an unfortunate death. I was of course still sorry when Giff got the news – on his wedding day to Temper – it wasn’t a surprise. I did enjoy the book and give it 4 1/2 stars. The title was the only thing that really caught me. Excellent writing, keeping the reader in the era well done, protocols well established and followed through with. Well, done, Ms. Justiss. Going to get the first book in the series now.

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