Above and Beyond: Bronco Boys #6 by Andrew Gray

Above and Beyond is the last book in the Bronco Boys series.  I put off reading it because this has to be one of my favorite series, from the first time Zach giggled every time Bull touch him to search him before he and his friends got into the club.  But I found it on my Kindle and decided to open it. 

It was everything that Andrew Gray writes, all the feels were in this book.  Salvador Adruccio is every man’s dream, built like a brick ship, ex black ops, and focused on Elliot Hastings who is running. Elliot’s stepfather is crime boss in Pittsburg, PA, and has to control everything and everyone around him.  Elliot knows he has to get out.  He copies some paperwork, and runs, right to Harrisburg, PA and Bronco’s. 

In the course of this book, as they look for ways to bring Elliot’s stepfather down and keep Elliot safe, (Bull and Spook are in their element of course) Elliot is trying to come to terms with his new life, separating from his old and learn how to live with the fact his mom isn’t the same woman she was before she got married. Salvador and he are in the car, on the way to see Salvador’s mom, whom he has a great relationship with, that Elliot realizes that if he and his mom weren’t related, he wouldn’t even like her. They never would have been in the same circles, wouldn’t even have been friends. I had to stop reading at this point, tears, somehow, someway, Mr. Gray had put into words my exact thoughts and feelings I had fought with about my own mother. 

The story ends the next year at Thanksgiving.  Everybody is there, at Sal and El’s house getting ready to celebrate. Bull and Zack are running late, when Elliot opens the door Bull is holding a car seat with a little baby. Oh, what a way to end the series! I had to stop for a few more tears here. Five stars all the way.  This book is a must have if you have been reading the series. You have to finish it with this one.  And if you haven’t been reading the series, why not? Start NOW! You can’t wait one more minute to meet these guys.

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I am a single, pagan female who loves the written word. I am doing reviews on books to feed my reading habit. I will post those reviews here. I also love movies, TV shows, and laughing with my friends. I love to cochet. Also I have one cat, Miss Dottie.

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