Princess of Belaria

This is the first book by a new author, Taisha Speters. I had the privilege of listening to the first part of this in our critique group, and it was delightful. As soon as it came out I rushed to get it, and finally got a chance to read it.

Marsais Corbin is 17, a normal high school senior, except all of sudden her best friend – and secret crush – suddenly asks her to be his girlfriend. Oh, wow, that is great! But before she can enjoy it, she gets ill and ends up in a hospital for months in a coma. She can hear everything perfectly, just can feel or see or communicate. But a woman keeps coming to her dreams, not the same one in her dreams she has been having since she was six, but she looks like her.

Now, Marsais knows she is adopted, knows her mother is most likely dead, but now the doctors are saying she is dying too, then it all changes.

Going back to school seems the thing to do, to try to catch up on 4 months of missed assignments to keep her scholarship to her dream collage, and stay with her friends she’s had most of her life. But a new girl joins the school, and makes fast friends with her, and seems to pull her away from her old friends. Is she friend or foe? All of sudden her old nemesis keeps trying to close to her, telling her this new girl is bad news. Does she mean her ill or is something changing there as well?

And her boyfriend? Well, he seems to know this new girl quiet well, and Marsais finds them kissing…. opps, not good things happen when she loses her temper.

She is told she is a witch, not just any witch, a princess with a kingdom to rule, if she can defeat her grandfather the king.

Adventure, romance, unexpected allies and new friends mix and mingle with the old to craft a fun, exciting and well written book that you will lose yourself in happily and not emerge from until the last page which leaves you wanting more. Taisha Speters, thank you for sharing your world with us.

About lyssareviews

I am a single, pagan female who loves the written word. I am doing reviews on books to feed my reading habit. I will post those reviews here. I also love movies, TV shows, and laughing with my friends. I love to cochet. Also I have one cat, Miss Dottie.

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