Undercover Duke (Duke Dynasty #4)

Oh, this was wonderful conclusion to this series. There is action, and love (maybe?) wishes and family history and drama that will satisfy the romantic in all of us. Ms. Jefferies had created another family you want to make your own.

Sebastian Wolfe, the Duke of Armitage is still looking for the person that killed his father, and talking with his brothers, they know think the same person has killed all their mother’s husbands. Focusing on the three women, who are know their mothers-in-law, that were all at the same house parties as their mother when her first two husbands were killed.

Sebastian is supposed to be talking to Lady Eustance, since Grey’s wife is in confinment awaiting the birth of their child, Grey can’t do so. The problem for Sebastian lays in the fact that Lady Eustance comes with Grey’s younger cousin, Vanessa Pryde. While he is too poor to entice Lady Eustance, Vanessa is a woman he can’t help but want. Event though his past has taught him that he should not, it hurts too much when they go away.

Vanessa Pryde has put it out in the family that she is in love with a poet and playwright, too keep Sebastian from looking too closely at her. She loves him and knows that is his not looking to marry, but wants to get him to like her for her, not Grey’s little cousin who he feels obligated to look after.

Sebastian Wolfe, Saint Sebastian as he is known, Duke of Armitage looses his cool when he catches Vanessa kissing her poet, and gets caught by her mother and uncle kissing her like only a husband should in a park. He offers for her, as he should, and secretly wants too.

Vanessa is elated and depressed by the fact they are to be married. Was it jealously that made Sebastian kiss her like that? Did he really want her as a wife? Their wedding night put part of those questions to rest, but not all. And she learned how many other secrets and history this family hides from the tonn.

Will they figure out who has been stalking the former Duchess? Will Sebastian be able to find the monies to save his estate? Will Vanessa get her heart broken by her new husband’s dead fiancee? You must pick up this five star read and find out. Ms. Jefferies had created another world within the Regency area that brings into a family and their loves and history. Thank you so much.

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