Meow: Catnip Assassin’s (book 1) by Skye MacKinnon

What’s a very fun little book. It read very fast and very well. The characters were well-developed and the storyline caught you from the beginning and kept you buried in the book.

Enjoyed this book and Bensley five stars couldn’t wait for the Nextbook so I bought the stuff out the box set. You have an assassin trained and cold-hearted, but she’s offered a way out. Somebody removes her collar, we find out she’s a black jaguar shifter. Her benefactor offers her a chance to be on her own, to work for herself. She develops a small family and a small company of Assassins, thief’s, and seducers.

She’s offered a job: somebody wants her to find out who killed his brother and then if she wants to she can kill them. This throws her into a mystery of sweets and poison and children and death and for once she wants to save lives not kill. Nothing she won’t kill but she wants who’s the head of this conspiracy.

You really need to pick this back up it is a lot of fun. A definite 5 star read.

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