Assassins in Suburbia? Really?

The Assassin Next Door (Bad Boy Inc #1)

by Eve Langlais



This book is a new venue for Ms. Langlais, no shifters. I knew it would be good with her sense of humor and assassins? in suburbia? Single mom with secrets? Oh, this was a recipe for laughter. And I was so right.

Lily is trying to escape her ex-husband, but her lawyer says she can’t leave the state, and that she can’t kill him, what’s a lady to do? He never had time for their daughter when they were together, but he has fought for dual custody since they split up, just to try to get her back. And he has never been late picking up Zoe, or finding a reason to berate her trying to force her to come back to him. Calvin in an assassin, who has set his sights on his sexy single mom next door, and he has decided to be truthful with her. The problem is she doesn’t believe he’s a professional assassin, she thinks he is a real estate broker who likes to play vigilante with the drug dealers she is terrified of. Until she decided to take what she knows to her boss and lawyer, who puts her in touch with the Bad Boys Inc. the team that Calvin works with.

Oh, the sparks that fly between Calvin and Lily, and between Calvin and Murphy, Lily’s ex are explosive. I loved this book. I had a hard time putting it down for sleep. Five stars and a must read. This story had some shivering sexy points, some tears to your eyes laughter, and tears down your cheeks heart stopping moments of terror. Can’t say enough of how highly I recommend this book.

Hot Photos, Hot Photographer

The Photographer’s Assistant 

by Andrew Grey



Another five star read by Andrew Grey. This is an older novella by Mr. Grey, I didn’t remember it until I got into it, but then I remember reading it along time ago.

It was as good the second time time around as well as the first. The characters are very well defined and jump off the page from the first sentence. And like most of Mr. Grey’s novel is grabs you and won’t let go until you are through. It is a very quick read, but you do not find it lacking at all for the shortness of the story. A must pick up if you like your romance with a lot of heat, a little bit of turbulence and a happy ever after.

Family sins can only stay hidden so long

Family Sins

by Sharon Sala



I love the style and story telling technique of Sharon Sala. I know I am always going to get a good suspenseful book with a warm love story as a base. Family is important to Ms. Sala, that comes through in all of her books.

In this book it is a two families against each other. A good mountain blood feud. The husband of Leigh Youngblood is killed, he writes the name of his killer, her maiden name. The family that had disowned her for marrying him and threatened 35 years ago to kill him. They are the richest family in Eden, the small town below the mountain the Youngbloods live on, basically own the law enforcement department, and everything else. The governor even called the county constable and the town Chief of Police to reminding them who the Wayne family was and to go slow and make sure they had evidence to back up any move they made. Bowie Youngblood, the oldest son is working on offshore oil rigs, but comes home immediately for his mother. She is strong women, raised five strong sons all with their father’s long hair, only to have her youngest returned from the war with the mind of a ten year old. At one point she points out to Bowie that God returned Jessie to her that way to giver her reason to hang on after her husband had been killed, or she surely would have followed him.

My heart ached for this family, and for Talia Champion as she dealt with last days of her father’s life after a debilitating illness that had gone on for seven years. The fact that seven years ago she had told Bowie no when he proposed marriage to her, but didn’t tell him about her father, and now when he found out this time home, and he forgave her and they moved forward – yes, this is the best thing about Ms. Sala’s writing I love. No secrets, no angst where it isn’t needed. They still love each other, he understood her reasoning when she explained it, and so in the way of the mountain people they picked up and life went on.

Five stars for this book that will take you from the deepest lows to the highest highs. I love that Ms. Sala also doesn’t write always from deep point view of one person, she uses the omnipresent view point alot. For her writing it works and just seems to fit.

Zach is a patient Bear… maybe

Zach (BlackBeary Creek #4)

by Ruby Shae



Great short read. Ms. Shae never disappoints with her bear shifter stories. Love them every time, she is one of my got to authors when I am having a bad day, or just need a good short read with of laughs and lots of hot romance.

Rory just out of a bad relationship. she is not looking for another one. She is just starting to get her self esteem back after her old boy friend did a number on her and for the first time in six months she goes out with girlfriends. Zach knew something was off in the club his small clan ran where he and his cousin provided security. But he wasn’t sure what it was until he met the eyes of a certain woman across the dance floor. She said she would never go out with him, but sh was his mate and he was a patient bear, sometimes. Then he had her, then he didn’t and he had no idea why. One night, Rory was coming home from work and something felt off, she didn’t feel safe. She saw Zach in the window of the ice cream in town, she didn’t hesitate to go him and ask for help. Can they get past her thoughts and what she sees as his similarities of her ex? Will Zach win his mate for be alone forever?

If you like quick reads that make you laugh, and your shifters hot and hunky with a touch alpha dominance you will love these five black bear shifters and their mates. A five star quick read that I could not put down. Can’t wait to open the last of the series. But sad that will be the end of Blackbeary boys.

Feline and Canine can work

When A Lioness Snarls (A Lion’s Pride Novel #5)

by Eve Landglais



I adore this series, and this one was not a disappointment. Five stars for Ms. Langlais, Luna and Jeoff practically set the pages on fire. I am sure my Kindle over heated a couple times. Very strong characters to go the strong story line.

Luna is a lioness, obviously, she does not need a man, but she wants Jeoff, the Alpha wolf, in her bed, under her, for just a little while, then she will be able to walk to away. He is so uptight and prudish, and those glasses of his… oh, yeah they get a lioness purring. Now she has been ordered to work with him by her Alpha because both the Pride and the Pack have lost members. Just up and vanished, no trace that either can fine. Jeoff isn’t thrilled to be working with the lioness, he has a rule against them, they are crazy and while Luna turns his mortor into overdrive he will never let her know that. But since the King of the City has ordered them to work together, he will do so, trying to make her behave at the same time, a wolf can only take so much after all.

This book keeps you laughing, smiling and makes you gasp in a couple places. And keep a pitcher of cold water beside you because these two… they will set you on fire. Love the interactions and ebb and flow between the characters. Oh, and there is a new paranormal species in town and one of them has his sights set on Luna. Jeoff isn’t going to let that happen, he’s supposed to be protecting her after all. Hmm, protecting a lioness? the hunters of the Pride? Yeah, well see how that goes over. Pick it up, read it. You will not be disappointed.

Fire can cleans the old so new can grow

Cleansing Flame (Rekindled Flame #2)

by Andrew Grey



Mr. Grey has done it again, created a book so deeply emotional that you cannot put it down. The characters in this book are flawed, battle scared, and dealing with their own person demons, but they are so for each other and together.

While looking for records of his Great-great-Uncle in the Native American school Lawson a man that is externally what his type, then later he sees him a fire as Dayne’s house burns to the ground. He offers his house as place to stay while Dayne get’s back on his feet. Dayne is doing a paper for college on the Native American school, and in a series of journals written by one of the young warriors attending Dayne finds his theme and they find a love story that propels their own feelings further.

Mr. Grey wraps you up in the rainbow emotions of two men falling in love. I love this book, five stars and a must read to anyone who loves a good will make you cry, gasp, and laugh novel. Thank you for continuing to share your world with us, Mr. Grey.

He’s Arrogant, He’s in Pain, He’s a Duke

A Scandalous Purist (Scandalous Wives #3) 

by Ava Stone



Five Stars for this book, Ava Stone did not disappoint in the Duke of Kelfield’s book. He seduced you and then broke your heart with his arrogance and pain.

I could not put this book down, the pages just kept flying past as I read one sentence to the next to the next. Missed my sleep before work because I had to know what happened next. Loved the setting, the characters, and the interactions. If you like Regency era romances with arrogant Dukes and strong will women, and if you have read any of the Scandalous Wives series you seriously need to read this one. It will not in any way disappoint.

Thank you, Ms. Stone, for sharing this story with us.

Becoming Dragon (Dragon Point #1) 
by Eve Langlais (Goodreads Author)

F 50x66

Melissa Tackett‘s review

Jun 25, 2017  ·  edit
it was amazing

Great five star read.
I was sucked in from the beginning of this book. A broken hero who doubts himself and is determined to protect anyone that gets close to him in his life. A heroine who does not take no for an answer and claims him whether he wants it or not. (Sound familiar? Yeah, usually it is the male doing the claiming and demanding.)
Aimi claims he is a dragon, Brandon thinks she is nuts and that he is just a failed lab experiment gone wrong with his gator. Can these two reach an understanding?
Join them in this fun adventure where you never quite know what is coming next, but you know it will be fun and nail biting at the same time. I laughed my way through this book, it was the perfect remedy for a stressful week. Pick it up if you need a feel good story.

My life is out is out of control! 

My life is spiraling out of control a little more each day.  I am putting this here because not many people follow me and I won’t gets lots of advice and sympathy.  

I am I’m the red again, I get paid and two hours later I am over drawn.  I don’t remember the last time I paid my mortgage, because I don’t remember the last time I had a full paycheck in my account at one time. I am in the red before pay day, so not enough to pay mortgage when I get paid, everything is going out I’m the house, my am always do swollen in my legs. Don’t remember the last time I bought groceries either.  Tried for a payday loan this week, one wanted a voided check, who uses those anymore? And the other wanted to call friends and family for references. Not involving them in this. Friday 8 talk to my financial advisor and will ask for money to help get me out of this cycle. Not sure how I’m going to get you work on Friday, we’ll see if my bus ticket book comes on time, because the fixed route is not an option with my walker.  

I just want this life to be over! I do not want to wake up tomorrow. Or Ever again. I just want you curl up somewhere and cry, but I have to eat and then be pleasant at work. Not looking forward to today. 

Rambling thoughts on power play

I don’t know why my mind went there today, but here it went and these are my thoughts. 

Power play is a experience in trusting another person enough to give up your will and give to another for trusting they will return it with pleasure. Or it was for me when I was in the scene.  There are all sorts of rules (both spoken and unsaid) along with other safe practices between parties.

The question my rambling mind latched on to this morning,  how can there be a true power play when some people are clearly out powered to begin with. 

An male bringing a female to submission, how? It was always my experience the male has

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