The Island of Dispair by Brian S. Converse

I loved this book. It was a fun and emotional read. I roll with the words, such evoking words, like a waves in the ocean. Sometimes there was a big wave with would make you laugh out loud, then another that would slam you to the bottom bed. If you enjoy poetry that takes you on a walk of a persons growth, this is the book for you.


TCS: Tribel Culture Studios by Mike Galloway

This book is a good four star read, I enjoyed it very much.

This is not a book for everyone, there is not a lot of emotional outbursts or emotional hooks.  It is a book about a gay collage student who starts a photography company, not planing on doing anything with it except get dates and get laid.

Jason is a collage drop out, he is young and socially awkward. But he wants to get laid, and he has the perfect guy in mind for it.  So he borrows money from his older cousin, Tyler, to buy some nice camera equipment. He’d always like photography. He decided to ask cute guys to pose for him, and maybe he’d get lucky and one of them, maybe more?, would have sex with him.

This is story of growing up, paying your debts, meeting people, and learning that what started out as lark could be really big.  Jason managed to make his photography studio pay off, made some real money and in the process one of his models that he innocently got involved with, turned on him and tried to take his studio away from him.  The danger became real, the enemy’s grew bolder and more plentiful.

I enjoyed this first book by this author.  Hot collage guys in Speedos as they played water polo, and posed for pictures that others bought off the website like candy, a young man learning to handle himself, relationships and his unexpected success all combined to create a book of steamy sex, rainbow auras and enough abs to keep you busy for while.

If you are looking for a deep emotional book, this is not the one you are looking for. If you are looking for a HEA, nope not here either, but if you are willing to go on a journey with Jason, and to have a laugh or two, you is something you need to pick up and take the time to read.  Have fun, dream of some hot guys, and enjoy.



March in Atlantis by Alyssa Day

It’s here! After months waiting patiently (Okay, maybe not so patently)my wait was over. And it did not disappoint in any way. Five stars for this wonderful continuation of her Warriors of Poseidon Series.

In this one, Lucas, the son of the traitor, and berserker warrior goes on a road trip with a single mom. They are after her daughter who the biological father’s mother had stolen. He’s never had Doritos or beef jerky. But he has a solid gold credit card that is usable at any back and he get pretty much as much money has he wishes. Oh, yeah, while in the bank he foils a bank robbery and then takes a minute to sit on the floor and play with a couple children, who were scared, with water magic.

And Rhiannon, the single mother?, she is fearless, and determined to get her daughter back. She was not happy to be left behind when he went scouting, but she couldn’t not think of him, even though her daughter’s life was on the line.

I loved this story, read it in a couple hours, could not put it down. It starts up in in the Human Prime compound where we left off in February, and finishes up that story line then finishes this story line with a flare that is uniquely Alyssa Day and her Warriors. You mush pick up this book.

March in Atlantis by Alyssa Day

It’s here, finally it’s here. After months of patiently (or not so patiently) waiting, finally we get to find out what happens with Human Prime, the rogue shifters and our Warriors.

After Jack and Savannah finish up in the H Prime compound, Lucas tells his teammates that he has to help a woman, there is a pull there. Denal tells him okay but to stay in touch. He goes after Rhiannon who had betrayed him and his team’s plan to the shifters holding him captive. He forgave her, because they were holding her daughter, and she had tuned out the electricity on her way out which allowed him to do away with his captors and get the battle to help his teammates.

They end up on a road trip after her ex’s mother steals her daughter and takes her back to Washington. There are confidences, Doritos and beef jerky, a gold (as in solid gold) credit card, which allowed him to take any amount of money out of the bank, which led to a bank robbery, and him sitting on the floor playing with water magic with children, and more traveling.

Lucas is the son of a traitor and a berserker warrior, and Savannah is a single mom who will not let anything stand between her and her daughter, and hates being left behind for any reason (even if she knows it is logical and correct thing to do. So, of course she sets time limits.)

This is a five star read, and a must read to add to your collection. It kept me reading from the first page to the last. Kept me up way past my bed time. Loved every second of it.

Writing Love Scenes

Great reference book
on April 3, 2018
Loved this book when I beta read it and then I bought it and it is now part of my reference writing books. Easy to read and understand. Very helpful tips and explanations. Plus the scenes in the book from their own work illustrates the techniques they are trying to teach you.

A Cauldron of Crows

They sit in the back of the ballroom.

Three black clad widows.

Powerful in their widow’s garb, if not in name.

They knew the marriage bed.

They knew societies expectations.

When they wore the pale colors of virginity,

They too knew the judgement they now passed from their generations Cauldron of Crows.

The doorway is there

in the garden.

It appeared out of nowhere?

Do I cross the threshold or not?

Thresholds hearld a change.

Chang in place

Change in time

Change in life.

Am I ready for that change?

Am I ready to go through that mystical door?

That door from nowhere?

Where does it lead?

Where will it take me?

A different Realm?

A different time?

A place of magic?

A place of beauty?

Or will it take me to the depths of hell?

I’m already there.

I crossed the threshold,

it’s just the other side of the garden.

Lucky Cowboy (Ace Cowboy #1)

by Liz Borino

This is a wonderful second chance novel.

Ryder Christensen has lost his six year old little girl. She died one evening of a seizure in the bathtub, her baby-sister had fallen asleep. Now he has sold everything and moved back with his parents to pay off a large gambling debt he had from playing poker in New York.

Salvatore Lewis is back on his family horse farm, taking care of his brother and his grandparents. He had planned to spend his life with Ryder, until Ryder told him that he had a daughter from when they had been taking a break, he decided they were over. And he still loved him.

All of a sudden Ryder is back in Sal life, and his brother and a old high school friend are making him rethink the conversation he had six years ago. And rethink letting Ryder back into his life.

I love her work, and cowboys have a special place for me, so this book was a treat. It caught you from the first page and just kept you flipping pages until it was done. The ending was action packed and then sweet. The epilogue set the next book up very well.

Five stars for this book and looking forwarded to the next one. If you like modern day cowboys and m/m romances you will love this book.

The Gorgon Bride by Galen Sulak-Ramsey

You are a world famous pianist, you sit down to practice, an instant knock on your front door interrupts you. Upon answering it, you find out that the Greek Gods are back, and an Orca falls on you, in the middle of Kansas.

Then comes the fun. The fun the Gods anyway. it is the love story of the last Gorgon, he 21st century human man that is not quiet dead so can look upon her and not be turned to stone. They and their love is caught in a fight between the Goddesses Athena and Aphrodite, and don’t forget to through in Ares, he and Aphrodite are still sleeping together so he pretty much still lets her pull his strings.

One quest after another, into the Underword, a favor of Hades, back up topside, opps, lost Hades’ scepter. On and on, don’t trust the great Heroes in the Elysian fields. Oh, and don’t forget the first love that has been brought to you, she stays with you as your friend through all of it, but that is not what Aphrodite is trying for.

I like this book. It kept me throughly engaged, page to page, chapter to chapter. Lots of action, and true love that wouldn’t give up. A fight between sisters that put the poor human in the middle that didn’t even know they existed beyond a fairytale or two as a child. Though he did catch up pretty quick, which made me proud of him.

Five starts for character development, and plot line fullment. The words used fit the plot wonderfully, and kept you reading. I just might be looking for next book in the series. Thank you for sharing your world with us, Mr. Surlak-Ramsey.

Once Upon a Midnight Clear by Ava Stone

Sigh, I am not sure what to say.

Third son of a titled peer, Lord Michael Beck will never inherit the title, or the lands. With his women and gambling the cloth is not an option and neither is a career in the military. But with cooper at a premium for the war, he comes across an opportunity for a copper mine that has been badly managed. If he can gather his winnins for the past few years of gambling, he will be able to turn the mine around, provide copper for the ships, of which his brother is captain of one, and make a spectacular living for himself and not have to rely on his father, or older brother, for a living.

Lady Ivy Dallimore is a slightly spoiled Duke’s sister. She has watched her older sisters marry of love and watched them be miserable after the fact. Lord Michael Beck has looks to die for, makes her tummy flip and her breath catch whenever she sees him. But she will not let her heart decide for her, she is going to logically decide on a man that can keep her in the style in which she is accustomed too. When Michael tells her he is going into trade, of all things, that seriously is not him.

But the ghosts of Castle Keynvor feel differently. They feel these two a perfect match, especially the dark pirate. (Who Lady Ivy is seriously not impressed by.)

Can Lord Michael win his love? Will Lady Ivy learn to listen to her heart?

I loved this story. Five stars all the way. The family interactions are priceless, the ghosts are delightful, the scenery is breathtaking. I loved everythings about this book. Ms. Stone does not disappoint. Again she has brought us back to one of my favorite paces and pulled us into a time long past with costumes long gone and people and a touch of magic that pulls the recipe together with flair.

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