Yes, I can read, a book-a-thon?

This could be fun, fun fun and no trail at all for me.  🙂


The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 21st and runs through Sunday, August 27th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 20 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team


Spider Shifters? No way.

Josie is a timid person by nature, until she is in her element which is organizing and running an office or warehouse, then she rightfully earns the nickname Little General.

Josie has one very large fear, spiders. She has dreamed of being caught in a cocoon since she was she was little. Her new boss and his second, Alpha and Beta of the werewolf pack that owned the site, took her fear very serious, since she was their mate. They made sure that she ever saw an arachnid on the property at all. Then they found out the truth, a spider shifter, very large spider, was after her and wanted her wrapped up in a cocoon.

Can they get her out his web? Can they figure out what is so different about her that he wanted her so badly to haunt her dreams chasing her most of her life? and they convince their mate to take on both of them? Or will one be left in the cold?

Great laugh out loud read by Ms. Langlais. Five stars for character and story telling. She never disappoints.

Graham, or S’mores, he’s gooey on the inside

Graham, he’s the last of his clan to not have a mate. He’s starting to feel as if he’ll never find her.
His clan mates are getting worried about him, he’s skipped a brunch and a barbecue in the same week. His best friend drags him out to his favorite bakery for his favorite sweet, cinnamon rolls. All of a sudden the bell over the door catches his attention, and he looks up. His mate is right there.

He begins to understand what the other men went through as they found their mates, he hacked into her life, found out how her parents had blocked every change she planed to make in her life, and how she finally got past them and lined up a job in a neighboring town. He called the owner of the Lodge, a friend of his, and blocked that move for her also. Then couldn’t figure out how after he told her he was a bear shifter she freaked out because he had taken her new job from her.

Like all Ms. Shae’s books, this is fun, short and laugh out loud delightful. Five stars for another grand book about her bears.


A new insightful book on the Harry Potter World



This book is a fun read if you are interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ history and how the author thought as she created the Harry Potter world.

Ms. Rowling shares with us her thoughts about creating characters and names for the places and some of the characters in the books. She shares the history of the politics of the Magical world as well as the history of Hogwarts. I found it fun, and got a further understanding of the world that she created that has captivated so many in the world. Young and old both enjoy this epic tale of good vs evil.

These books put out by are a great addition to her world if you are still having withdraws after the Deathly Hollows 2 was over. Five stars for the great writing.


The first gem of a 5 star series

HeartMate (Celta Series book 1)

by Robin D. Ownes



The first time I read this book was when it first came out. I was caught in the world that Ms. Owens had built so carefully. The scenes took my breath away, the wording so vivid that they came alive like a oil painting done by a master.

The characters were so real, their lives so … alive, they all became my best friends and I did not want the book to end. Rand T’Ash so moody and dark, needing the love of family but not knowing how to expres it or ask for it. Danith, needing that same love of family, but knowing how to ask for it, and feel it. But not believing she had the great Flair need to have a HeartMate. The Holly fighting family, so easy in their love for one another, the large Clover family that loved, laughed and worked together and easily let their family enlarge by one to offer friendship and safety to Danith.

I fell in love with the fams, the intelligent animals that bonded with their human companions for life. Ms. Owens wrote the felines so well, you looked at your animals with a new understanding of what they wanted out of you. I laughed as read their antics and the way Zanyth argued with T’Ash, and bargained for what he wanted.

A world based on magic and old beliefs, was a world I wanted to live in. I do as I reread the series every couple years, and it never gets old. Five stars for this book that started the series that I hope Ms. Owens doesn’t end soon.

Prince to Dragon

My Name is Simon (I, Dragon book 1)

by Nathan Roden



Great World building from the beginning. This story caught my attention and had to keep reading.

Four stars because there were some editing errors, I feel a good beta reader would have done this book wonders.

A little boy gets turned into a dragon, the prince of the Kingdom, then his mother and father are killed. Even knowing he is their prince, the people of the kingdom try to kill him because dragons are not liked. Eleven years past, he makes two friends, and then a third, and know it is time to fight for his kingdom, and free his people from his sadistic Uncle who rules for his younger brother until his seventeenth name day.

I got so caught up that I had to go out and the second book, I think there is a third after that and I will be picking it up too if the writing stays as good as this one.

Magic, dragons, kingdom in peril and love. Excellent combination, the descriptions were great while not being over whelming. Pick it up if you love epic fantasy, you must not miss this one.

Can they find their way back to love.

Pleasures of Passion (The Sinful Suitors Series book 4)

by Sabrina Jeffries


This book captivated me from the first line. I could not put it down, love the characters, the interactions, the tension. It was great.

I love visiting this group of friends, they are so fun as each takes the plunge into love. Some just can’t help themselves, some return to a love that was pushed off course years ago for one reason or another. Brilliana had loved Nail before her coming out, he said he loved her, but then he had to go away because of a dual that we wouldn’t tell her the reason for. Seven years later, Nail is home and treating her like she had betrayed him instead of the other way around.

Now the two of them must work together to keep her father from hanging. Can they do it? The lies told in the past, the lies they are living right now, will the two of them find their way back to love? Or will it pass them by for good this time?

One the best things I love about Ms. Jeffries’s writing is that in the end all the lies that so much a part of the Regency period writings, are uncovered and worked through. True remorse is shown by both parties and forgiveness given. She does it with such style and witt that we keep coming back book after book because we know we are going to be entertained. And we know that no matter the obstacles she will work everything out for the best in the end.

Five stars for this perfect followup book in this series of the Sinful Suitors Club.

She knows her Twitterverse

Twitters for Writers is a very informative book. Part of Ms. Rayne Hall’s Writer Craft series, this one focus’s on using twitter as a platform for beginning authors to gain followers, fans and eventually sell their books.

She used a concise style with wit and information. she is not afraid of laughing at her own past mistakes as she learned the best way to create a viable account. She walks you thorough the many pitfalls beginner writers can fall into, giving sound advice and simple strategies to maneuver your way around the large Social Media platform known as Twitterverse.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and though I have been on twitter for many years, I learned quiet a bit from a writers stand point than from just a user. Five stars for this book, a great tool to have in your arsenal if you are a writer moving into a new promotional platform.

Scientist and Shifter, can it work?

Elemental Mating (A.L.P.H.A, Series book 1)

by Milly Taiden



This first book in her new series showcases Ms. Taiden’s talents as a world builder and story teller. Very strong well developed characters carry this story from beginning to end. I loved the interactions and the dynamics between all of them.

Melinda Caster is our heroine, a betrayal back when she first joined the CDC by the man she thought she loved has hardened her heart to anyone really loving her. Along with a very religious upbringing that has caused her believe only what she sees and can prove scientifically. She does not believe in the paranormal world, gods or demons. But she lives in Uganda now, and somethings are as much a part of their lives and beliefs as breathing. Will the Demon king win her body?

Parish Hamel is an A.L.P.H.A. jaguar shifter. He has been sent to protect her from threats the home office became aware of. The first time he sees her his whole world is turned upside down and inside out as he knows he’s found his mate. When he informs his boss, he is told he has to stay on the job because they have no available other agents that can take over. But to keep his head on his shoulders and keep both of them alive. Can Parish find his way out of his dreams and save his mate?

This story is a blending of demons, science, paranormal, and dreams. Dreams of happy ever afters, and dreams within the demon realm. A nasty, but small, demon king with Napoleon sized dreams of his own. Can a woman who has been hurt so badly before that she willing to believe the worse thing she hears out of a man’s mouth without any thought or possibly it might be something else and a man that is more than a just a man make it work? Can they admit their feelings to themselves and each other before the sun set on the demons world? You must read to find out. I loved it, five stars and I cannot wait for the next book.

A must for lovers of Pern

A Gift of Dragons
by Anne McCaffrey
I love this book, have read it many times. It is a collection of 4 shorts in the Pern world.
The Smallest Dragonboy is the story in this collection. It follows Keevan the youngest and littlest candidate to stand on the hatching sands. Will he succeed in impressing a dragonet? Especially when he gets injured and is not there when the hatching starts?
The Girl Who Heard Dragons is the next story. Aramina is of the Ruthan blood line, and her parents are holdless thanks to Fax. They discovered that she could hear all the dragons when they close enough. Then one day she desperately needs their help when he father gets caught under their wagon. This brings her to the notice of Benden Wyer, which helps when the Lady Holdless Thalla tries to kidnap her for her own purpose. Wonderful story.
Runner of Pern shows a totally different aspect of Pern society that we don’t normally get to see, the Runners who take messages all over Pern. How they train, run, and live. Tenna belongs to a family of Runners, generations of her family have run the taces of Pern and now she on her first CrossCountry run. Just before she reaches Fort Hold, almost the end of her crosscountry run, she run off the traces by a man on a runnerbeast who is not supposed to be on the traces. delightful little story with a smattering of possible young romance.
Ever the Twain is the last story in this book. A set of twins are both are searched for the eggs on the Ista Wyer sands. Can the both impress on hatching day or will one be left while one takes to the skies?This ebook is a delightful look at the younger people of Pern, and some different aspects not in the Wyers or Holds. A must have for anyone that loves Pern and her dragons. Five stars.

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