Waiting again

I sit

I wait

I sit

I wait

the bus may come…

At some point the bus will come.

Why do these days happen?

So late…

scheduled so late.

Things to do,

places to be,

sleep to take…

instead I wait again.


Two by two

Two by Two by the water’s edge


forced abandonment

they sit there

an age-old Testament to pain

to death.

Their shoes were more important their lives.

Two by Two abandon by the shore

feet needed to mean something,

but their owners feet no more.

Two by Two by The Shore.

February in Atlantis

February in Atlantis: A Poseidon’s Warriors romance
By Alyssa Day

This is Jake’s story (well the beginning of). He got drafted in the new Elite Warriors headed by Denal, one of Poseidon’s Original Warriors, after he saved a mermain (not really a mermaid, but a Sea Fae). Now he is headed to Florida where a Human Elitist group is planning to kill all supernatural beings. His job is to stop them and the shifters who have infiltrated them and are trying to infect them or kill them.
Savannah is a wanderer. She works for a worldwide temp agency that allows her to work for a time and save up money for her next adventure. She is in Florida right now, working for Human Prime, the group planning to kill everyone not human. She meets Jake on the beach the night after she decides to quit Human Prime, and the night she gets infected by Falcon shifter.
They end up trapped in an old jail where H Prime is holding their gathering, Savannah is starting the change (which is usually deadly to human females) and Jake can’t make contact with his team. Can Jake save them? Can he save the innocents locked in with them? The innocents being the small children the members of H Prime brought. You are going to wait till March in Atlantis to find out…. Because it is midnight on the 28th and March 1st has started when Jake gets a code red call from his team.
Can’t wait for the next book. This is a five star read. If you like the Poseidon Warrior’s series, this are must buys for your collection. If you like hot warriors that live in Atlantis, this is a series of quick reads you need to pick up.

January in Atlantis by Alyssa Day

Flynn, the oldest brother of Dare and Liam, is home. And Poseidon has plans for him.
Denal has been appointed leader of a new group of warriors, Danal’s Dozen. He just got back from the Fairy lands where he spent ten years. Ten of their years, only a few weeks in Atlantis time, he is hardened and angry thinking his fellow warriors forgot about him. Now he’s home his King, who was just a prince when he was lost, tells him he is now to lead this new ragtag group of warriors. He is not happy, but one does not tell Poseidon, by way of Alaric, no.

Flynn gets off the boat after ten years of being gone and trafficking with dragons, only to find out his brothers think he is dead. He literally bumps in Denal and is instantly recruited. Two others show up at the training grounds, a mage and another Altantian, who saved a mermaid (who still don’t exist). They are sent to Nevada to rescue twelve young girls from the Hell’s Dark Angels. While there Flynn meets Eva and her affinity to animals may be the key to pulling this mission off without a hitch.

Great book, five stars, cannot wait for February and the next in this series. Really I can’t wait to Denal gets his HEA, he has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. A must read if you love your heroes able to laugh at them selves and you love laughing out loud through a book.

Sinless (The Shaws 1.5) by Lynne Connolly

OMG!! I love reading Ms. Connolly’s historical romances, she puts you right there in her time period. This time it was my favorite of her’s, Georgian England. Her attention to detail is absolute. I love the men’s ware, the coats, the breeches, they way they wear them, the way their valet’s obsess over dressing them and how they look. It is some of my favorite parts of the her book. Or the way the female’s dresses, and layers and how long it takes to prepare for an outing, opera, ball. The detail to the hair styles, and whether the female feels this is necessary or not. It is so much fun and adds either a much needed breather of fun to a scene or builds the tension for the next scene.

Ms. Connolly knows her words, and how to use them to the best effect. Her descriptions of the era she is writing in, buildings, streets, houses pulls into the book and helps keep you there, even if her characters act a little out of time sometimes. With such realistic attention to detail it was not hard to settle back and let this love story unfold of forbidden desire and all consuming love.

He is an Emperor of London (part of a very important aristocratic family that names their son’s after old emperors). He is sheltered by his family name, but Darius Shaw is about to break the law, sin against the church and take the very law abiding Mr. Andrew Shaw with him. Andrew is a common man, a man of the law. He got Darius’ brother off a murder rap the year before, and filled his fantasy’s since. Andrew has a reason besides the fact he is sworn to uphold the law to resist his feelings for this handsome man that haunts his dreams – he has a small daughter.

When being caught in a gay relationship can get you a trip a gallows, how do fall in love and make a life for yourselves? Can these men of such different stations make it happen? You have to read to find out. Five stars and I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

Thank you very much, Ms. Connolly for sharing your joy in love and this era with us.

How easy rumors start.

Taming the Beast by Andrew Grey.

this was a very good book. full of the emotion and community that Mr Grey’s novels are known for.

I felt for Dante Bartholomew, I could so easily see where he could do what he did. his wife dies in a tragic accident, and while cleared by the police, her family still blames him. He was a figure in the community, grew up there from a child, have but himself away from everyone in mourning his best friend. Her family couldn’t see her depression so they said it was murder and started lots of of rumors calling him ‘The Beast of St. Giles. So he stays hidden.

Then he gets drawn out, and meets a cute man and some children that called to him. It was a wonderful, touching story of overcoming and finding love at the most unexpected time. Five stars for the best story development

Damon’s Enchantress

This was a delightful, funny entertaining read. I love this family and Ms.Day has such a way with words that you not only find yourself laughing out loud, you find yourself repeating something just said … like her characters are really going to respond to you. 5 solid stars and waiting for the next one.

Live Comes Silently

By Andrew Grey

I love this series, and this book I’ve been holding on too since it came out. finally found it on my Kindle and devoured it.

Chris and Fredrik really pulled me in from the beginning. I loved these two and what they went through as they found their footing, family and place on the pack and their world really pulled at my heart strings. a must have if you read Mr. Andrew Grey’s – books. 5 stars without a doubt.

The Lady’s Legacy (Half Moon House #3)

This is the third book in the Half Moon House trilogy.  It IS perfect for settin up Hestia’s book. Can’t wait for that one.

Flighty, Francis Headley, his all grown up in this one.  From street urchin to accomplished lady we have watched grow up in this series, and in this adventure she will need all of her skills.

Flighty takes off on a self imposed mission for Hestia Wright, to find her long lost son, Mr. Rhys Caradec likes being lost, it is how he goes through life.  He likes being unfettered and no commitments.  No one to love, no one to count on him, just him, the world and his painting.  He learned very young that you can’t count on anyone, they leave you.  Then he meets a young male, a street urchin, that isn’t what he seems, and he turns his life totally on it’s side, upside down and inside out.

I loved this insallment, this whole series is wonderful, and all the novellas that carried the story line along.  In this one the conflicting needs of the two main characters made for some laughter, tears and when Lord M got involved… oh the suspense kept you on the edge of your seat right up to the end.  I loved it, had a hard time putting the book down to sleep today, and then to work.

Lively characters that you come to care for deeply, vivid settings in the Scottish countryside., one of my favorite setting.  All a around a five star read.  A must have if you like the regency period and a need to buy if you like Ms. Marlowe’s works.  thank yo for sharing this journey with us.

Buy here:

All things start at Curl Up and Dye

I love Sharon Sala, her writing is so much fun and interesting.

In this book things are centered around the town beauty shop. Which is so much fun as the two leads in this book try to find their way from friendship to lovers. LilyAnn Bronte was engaged to the football team quarterback, Randy Joe, but when Sept 11th came about he joined the army and came home about month later in a flag draped coffin. Since that day she has not really felt alive. Mike has loved her since 10th grade, but remains firmly in the best friend category.

A new man comes to town, handsome and charming. He is redoing his great-uncle’s place looking to flip it for a good amount of money so he can get out this little town. But he was not going to keep himself away from the females while he here, even though they could not be trusted.

Can Mike ever make LilyAnn see him as anything but best friend? Can LilyAnn find her way out of the past and pull her life back together? Five stars for a feel good read with a hint of danger and suspense.

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