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The Art of Sinning (Sinful Suiter Club) by Sabrina Jeffries

5 solid star read! 

Let me say first that I love almost everything Ms. Jeffries has ever put out, she just keeps getting better with each book.  She a master wordsmith that builds your anticipation with each scene, then the emotional storm breaks but you know there is more to come, there is always the HEA, that after the emotional storm is worked through, if it major for one you know there will be a minor emotional upheaval for the other.  Then her heroes and heroines manage to work it out and we get our HEA.

In this book, Jeremy Keane is an American artist visiting family in London (escaping to London) he’s been in the last couple Duke’s Men books. He is blond, sexy, a rogue for all purposes.  He is looking for his muse, his inspiration for his next masterpiece, at the wedding breakfast of Jane and Dominic Menton, he sees her, his Juno, tall, strong, fierce.  He goes about finding a way to meet her, to get permission to paint her.

Yvette Blakebrough has been caught in a rogue’s net before, she will spar with them, match wits with them, use them to get cant words for her slang dictionary, but she will never fall for one’s pretty lines again.  So when her brother commissions Jeremy Keane to do her portrait she feels that she is safe from his advances, for he is known to frequent brothels, which might work to her advantage, for she has secrets of her own and needs to get into one.

This story has all the tension, laughter, nail biting and tears that Ms. Jeffries is known for.  I was caught at the first scene and (being paperback and my eyes don’t like paperback that much) slowly made my way through it.  Every time I had to put it down, I waited anxiously for my eyes to feel better, so I could pick it up again.  Great read, I highly recommend it if you like a good Regency, and if you are a Sabrina Jeffries fan, this new series is a must add.  She will always remain an auto buy author for me. You are going to love this series!  Rogues trying to save their sisters from rogues just like them, great theme for a club conceived one drunken night between an American artist and an English Lord (one of the funnier hold your sides laughing scenes).

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