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Tempted by Fire by Erin Kellison

Tempted by Fire by Erin Kellison.

Date with a Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Ok, we are back with Red Skulls Biker Witches and Lizzy the Demon Slaying granddaughter of the leader and her very hot Griffon husband, Dimitri.

It one year since Lizzy and Dimitri got married, they decide they are going to stop at this little plantation B&B for a really nice dinner and maybe some alone time.  Of course Priate, Lizzy ‘ dog follows them in, something about bad vibes.  They notice one ghost by the hearth, a youngish lsdy, prob a by the wife of the the last person to own it.  They decide to slip upstairs for a little alone time once dinner was done, even though the owner had told them the upstairs was closed due to deaths, strage deaths. They ment the highly pious, highly angry ghost of the previous owner.  Saw the ghost of his wife as she truly was, bruised, scared, and frighted.  When they get out, they are in another time and place.  With the help of Biker Witches, they do managed to get out of this pickle and save the little B&B.

Again, this a fun romp with this great bunch of characters.  I love this group!  The charters are very well defined and full of life, even the ‘extras’ in this short.  Very believable situations and out comes, if you belive in magic.  Can’t wait for the next book.  Five stars hands down. Excellent work, Ms. Fox.

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