Red is an Attitude: Red Mojo Mama #2 by Kathy Lynn Hall

Red is an Attitude: Red Mojo Mama #2

Kathy Lynn Hall

In this book Joe takes Red on a cruise, pet friendly, of course, so they could take the new puppy Mac along. Now, we know Red… yes, she finds all kinds of trouble along the way. Trouble she thought was long gone. She also makes new friends along the way and gets a new purpose for her life.

First we have Barbie with her Sugar Daddy, then the Sugar Daddy’s wife shows up. Okay, Barbie has a name, Cindi, is it any better? Henry has been married to Agatha for many years, and now that she is on board he is determined to get her back, he realizes the mistake he made.

Red gets Agatha her own room, and includes her in their on board group, which is made of their dinner partners. She offers her an empty trailer back at The Springs to get back on her feet while making a decision regarding Henry. Agatha takes to Evelyn and redoes her hair and nails then she accepts Red’s offer. Oh, did I forget to mention that Bob and Evelyn came on the cruise with Joe and her?

While on the cruise twice it seems that someone is trying to hurt Red, but both times get explained away.

Once back in Nuggetville, Agatha gets an admirer almost immediately. And starts going out with him. Well, as Red put it, Henry wasn’t around, so yes, they were separated.

When Agatha and Red go out one day it seems they are being followed, so Red goes to the police, the checks into it and find the car was a rental, it has since been returned, so they let the matter drop. Until Agatha sees the young men while she is out with Blake one night and they make an off handed threat. Come to find out it is Agatha and Henry’s nephew and she calls Henry and tells him to stop it or she will never come home.

Then the next day her nephew and friend save her and Red from a car that tries to run them down.

It all works out in the end, with lots of laughter, a few possible tears and a couple tense moments. Red’s past with the city council comes back to haunt her.

A delightful 5 stars of fun. It was a great read, a must if you read the first with the third on its way out. What oh what can Red get into in this next one? Small town life was never so exciting.

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